but in gathering Me Thou Gatherest Thyself

but in gathering Me
Thou Gatherest Thyself


daystar that hovers
over the heavy waters of that Sea
bright stone that fell
out of the fiery eye of the pyramid

it grows
out of the snake as out of the crescent:
apple you eternally devour
forever in your hand. I lock
the elements around you where you walk:

earth from my terror
water from my grief
air my eternal flight
&fire / my lust

I am child who sings
uninjured in the furnace of your flesh.

Blue earth am I & never on this earth
have I been naked
Blue light am I that runs
like marrow in the thin line of yr breath

I congeal
waterlilies on the murky pool
I hurl
the shafts of dawn like agony
down the night

but in gathering Me Thou Gatherest Thyself

& from wherever Thou willst Thou gatherest Me

& from wherever Thou willst
Thou gatherest Me


steel, from the belly of Aries.
Or that cold fire which plays
above the sea.
White sow munching acorns in graveyards where roots
of oaks wrap powdery bones of the devas.
There, suckle at my tits. Crucify
me like a beetle on yr desk. Nod out
amidst the rustling play of lizards, recognize
epics the lichen whisper, read twigs
& leaves as they fall.

Nurture my life with quartz & alabaster
& drink my blood from a vein in my lower leg.
I neigh, I nuzzle you, I explode
your certain myth.
I crawl slimy from a cave beneath yr heart
I hiss, I spit oracles at yr front door
in a language you have forgotten. I unroll
the scroll of yr despair, I bind yr children with it.

It is for this you love me.
It is for this
you seek me everywhere.

Because I gave you apples out of season
Because I gnaw at the boundaries of the light

& from wherever Thou willst Thou gatherest Me

& in all things am I dispersed

& in all things am I dispersed


gold fleece on the hunted deer.
the Name of everything.
sweet poison eternally churned
from the milky ocean.
futurity’s mirror. ivory gate
of death.
the fruit I hold out spins
the dharma wheel.
I weep
I weep
dry water I am, cold fire, “our”
Materia, mother & matrix
eternally in labor.
The crescent I stand on rocks
like a shaky boat, it is
the winking eye of God.

& in all things am I dispersed

and where Thou art I am

and where Thou art I am


astride the wind, or held
by two hoodlums under a starting truck.
crocheting in the attic.
striding forever out of the heart of quartz
immense, unhesitant, monotonous
as galaxies; or rain; or
lost cities of the dinosaurs now sunk
in the unopening rock.

who keeps the bats from flying in your window?
who rolls the words you drop back into seed?
who picks
sorrows like lice from your heart & cracks them
between her teeth?
who else blows down your chimney with the moon
scattering ashes from your dismal hearth to show
the sleeping Bird in the coals, or is it
garnet you lost?

What laughter spins you
around in the windy street?

and where Thou art I am

I am Thou & Thou art I

I am Thou & Thou art I


where tossing in grey sheets you weep
I am
where pouring like mist you
scatter among the stars
I shine
where in black oceans of sea & sky
you die
you die
I chant
a voice like angels from the heart
of virgin gold,
plaint of the unicorn caught
in the boundless circle

where you confront
broken glass, lost trees & men
tossed up
on my beaches, hear me pray:
your words
slip off my tongue, I am pearl
of yr final tears, none other
than yr flesh, though it go soft

I am worm
in the tight bud, burst
of starcloud that covers your dream & morning
I am sacred mare grazing
in meadow of yr spirit & you run
in my wind. Hear the chimes
that break from my eyes like infants
struggling eternally against
these swaddling clothes

I am Thou & Thou art I

Loba As Eve

So this next set of poems is… complicated. I really should have expected that Beat poets would be problematic to repost.


The book I have lists them as a single poem, but then they are written as six separate poems. So, I’ve decided to divide them up as the six seperate poems, the first dropping today and the rest to follow as normal. I encourage people to come back and read them all as one poem though once they are all up, which looks like it will be Saturday the 12th, for people who would rather just wait and read them as one.

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Loba As Eve