I am Thou & Thou art I

I am Thou & Thou art I


where tossing in grey sheets you weep
I am
where pouring like mist you
scatter among the stars
I shine
where in black oceans of sea & sky
you die
you die
I chant
a voice like angels from the heart
of virgin gold,
plaint of the unicorn caught
in the boundless circle

where you confront
broken glass, lost trees & men
tossed up
on my beaches, hear me pray:
your words
slip off my tongue, I am pearl
of yr final tears, none other
than yr flesh, though it go soft

I am worm
in the tight bud, burst
of starcloud that covers your dream & morning
I am sacred mare grazing
in meadow of yr spirit & you run
in my wind. Hear the chimes
that break from my eyes like infants
struggling eternally against
these swaddling clothes

I am Thou & Thou art I