Lilith of The Stars

Lilith of The Stars by Diane Di Prima

for there is another Lilith, not made for earth
of whom it is said / that when she is seen by men
it is as vapour / a plague / a cacophony
of unique bells / straining & stranger, they pursue
her unsubstantial cors thru this world
& the next. She is, in fact, the archetypal
foxfire of the stars
will o’the wisp of empty space
cosmic marshlight that lures us away
from the heavenly spheres, our home
to wander, forever, between quasars
at odds w/ the Sound of the Harmonious Crystals

temple flower of the abyss

on which is wound
that hope
which exceeds proportion.


White Fox that Leaps over Tombstones

Lilith of The Stars

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