Loba As Eve

So this next set of poems is… complicated. I really should have expected that Beat poets would be problematic to repost.


The book I have lists them as a single poem, but then they are written as six separate poems. So, I’ve decided to divide them up as the six seperate poems, the first dropping today and the rest to follow as normal. I encourage people to come back and read them all as one poem though once they are all up, which looks like it will be Saturday the 12th, for people who would rather just wait and read them as one.

Loba As Eve by Diane Di Prima

I am Thou & Thou art I
and where Thou art I am
and in all things am I dispersed

and from wherever Thou willst
Thou gatherest Me

but in gathering Me
Thou Gatherest Thyself

—Gospel of Eve

Loba As Eve

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