Ms. Whatchamacallit Thingamajig

Ms. Whatchamacallit Thingamajig by Miriam Chaikin

Ms. Whatchamallit Thingamajig
can make herself small or make herself big,
can take any shape, from round as a ball
to sharp as a spear, to wide as a wall.
She makes no sound as she creeps, flies, or shakes
(how she moves depends on the shape that she takes)
And though she is soundless, she’s always around.
Wherever you are- there she can be found.
What? You’ve never seen her? That’s because she’s
invisible by day and disguised as a breeze.
At night, when the lights are out in the house,
she takes on the shape of a shadow or mouse.
Though you’ve never seen her, she’s always close by.
Have you never felt something fly in your eye?
Or noticed the cat stare at someone unseen?
Or found dirt on a shirt that was utterly clean?
Have you ever been pushed and found no one there?
Or dropped a glass you were holding with care?
What of itches, tickles, scratches and those?
Are they all just -accidents- do you suppose?
You have the idea. You’re beginning to see.
Yes, those are the doings of Ms. W.T.
She loves a good laugh, and laughs without end
to see a look of surprise on the face of a friend.

Ms. Whatchamacallit Thingamajig

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