Snake of Silence

Snake of Silence by Chris McDaniel

It slithers across the ground slowly, stealthily,
like a shadow gliding over an emerald sea,
upon you before you can see the danger.

It travels beside you for a time
helps you, pretends to be your friend,
all the while slipping closer.

At first it is a simple mistake.
You stumble over its coils,
fumbling your words.
Quickly forgiven.

Then you find it wrapped around your foot,
slowing you slightly, making you cautious.
Nothing to worry about.

It will creep higher and higher,
Tightening around your legs,
Crushing your ribs,
strangling your voice.
Whispering poisonous reassurances in your ear,
Deadening your mind,
filling it with fear.

You are trapped,
Caught by the snake of silence
A massive python that consumes you,
Binds your thoughts and dreams,
Captives in a cage of flesh and bone.

Snake of Silence

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