Feelings about Words

Feelings about Words by Mary O’Neil

Some words clink
As ice in drink
Some move with grace
A dance, a lace.
Some sound thin:
Wail, scream and pin
Some words are squat:
A mug, a pot,
And some are plump,
Fat, round and dump.
Some words are light:
Drift, lift, and bright
A few are small
A, is and all.
And some are thick,
Glue, paste and brick.
Some words are sad:
“I never had…”
And others are gay:
Joy, spin and play.
Some words are sick:
Stab, scratch and nick.
Some words are hot:
Fire, flame and shot.
Some words are sharp,
Sword, point and carp.
And some alert
Glint, Glance and flirt.
Some words are lazy:
Saunter, hazy.
And some words preen
Pride, pomp and Queen.
Some words are quick,
A jerk, a flick.
Some words are slow:
Lag, stop and grow,
While others poke
As ox with yoke.
Some words can fly-
There’s wind, there’s high;
And some words cry:

Feelings about Words

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