Driving by Chris McDaniel

The scream of twisted metal,
The rain of shattered glass.
These fill my mind
As the car drives past.
Dad yelling, Mom screaming
It doesn’t matter which.
Too fast
Too slow
Too far left
Too far right
Back up
Go forward
Watch out
Pay attention
You should know this by now
If you had your license.
You should have a job
You need to be responsible.
Another car is coming,
Am I too far over?
Should I slow for this curve?
Someone’s walking on the side of the road
Am I going to hit them?
Are they going to die?
I can hear the screams,
I can see it happening
Nothing happens.
One tiny mistake
One miscalculation
And people will die
My sisters
People I don’t even know
Why are you so tense?
You should relax
Watch out
Pay attention.
What are you doing?
Is it so strange,
That I can’t ever do anything right?


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