The Truth of the Warrior’s Code

The Truth of the Warrior’s Code by Chris McDaniel

A knight stands, his blood-stained armor
torn open by a terrible force.
His shield is bent and buckled, useless at his feet.
But he stands, a glint in his eyes
and his sword gripped tight in hand.

A soldier ducks his head.
Missiles scream through the air
as bullets tear chunks of brick from the wall.
He grips his shoulder
with a bloodstained hand
as his life ebbs away.
But he rises
and returns fire.

A Police officer stands in a dark alley.
She has five bullets left
and twenty men stalking forward, death in their eyes.
But she doesn’t waver, leveling her gun
as blood streams into her eyes.

A firefighter surveys the room,
smoke and flames dance as far as he can see.
The ceiling groans as it is eaten away.
But he removes his mask
and grits his teeth as he runs forward.

A young man stands,
the fuzz of manhood barely gracing his cheeks.
His back is to the wall, as the door splinters open.
But the shotgun in his hand has stopped shaking.

What drives them?
What allows them to stand when they should fall?
Is it Loyalty, Duty, or Pride?
Is it Vanity or Blood-lust?
Do they fight for Country, Money, or Pleasure?

Listen and you will know,
as the screams of the innocent,
mingle with the roar of battle.

The Truth of the Warrior’s Code

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