How to Drink Evening Coffee

How to Drink Evening Coffee by Chris McDaniel

Retrieve your Porcelain Chalice,
Toss in crushed, sweet sands,
Even sweeter, liquid velvet.
Pour dark gold, burning heart,
To relieve the icy white.

Imperfect alchemy finished
With cold-steel tools,
Transport your magic elixir
To a seat of relaxation

Breathe in the amber vapors.
Feel them work past
The webby specter of day,
To activate the dormant mind.

Slowly bring the drink
To waiting lips, consider
For a moment, the hectic hours
Which consumed you previously.

The feel of satin flowing
Over a tired tongue. Fiery Ambrosia,
Sliding into the furnace of the self,
Igniting into a fire storm.

Flames melt the machinery of the past,
Dissipate the fogs of the future,
Alive again in this moment,
Bliss which unchains the soul.

Ah, there is nothing like coffee
For the tired man.

How to Drink Evening Coffee

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