The Polliwog

I’ll admit, I knew March was going to be a rough month for this project. Third month, smack in the middle of the school year. I’d be running out of steam, probably running out of buffer.

Now I also know that April is going to be worse. I’m barely ahead of the calendar and the curveballs of life keep coming, plus I haven’t actually finished typing all these poems from my hand written binder that started off this whole idea. I have hope to make this actually happen, but man, seeing how small the buffer has grown makes me nervous that I’m going to end up missing a day soon.

Wish me luck I guess.

The Polliwog by Arthur Guiterman

Oh, the Polliwog is woggling
In his pleasant native bog
with his beady eyes a-goggling
through the underwater fog
And his busy tail a-joggling
and his eager head agog-
Just a happy little frogling
who is bound to be a Frog!

The Polliwog

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