The Ways of Living Things

The Ways of Living Things by Jack Prelutsky

There is wonder past all wonder
in the ways of living things,
in a worm’s intrepid wiggling,
in the song a blackbird sings,

In the grandeur of an eagle
and the fury of a shark,
in the calmness of a tortoise
on a meadow in the dark,

In the splendor of a sea gull
as it plummets from the sky,
in the incandescent shimmer
of a noisy dragonfly,

In a heron, still and silent
underneath a crescent moon,
in a butterfly emerging
from its silver-spun cocoon,

In a fish’s joyful splashing,
in a snake that makes no sound,
in the smallest salamander
there is wonder to be found.

The Ways of Living Things

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