Never have I been more glad that I had built up a substantial buffer of pages. My grandmother went thru her seventh surgery just recently (removing the replacement hip to hopefully stop the infections we’ve been fighting for a year) and it has been an incredibly rough few days.

She’s doing significantly better than she was a few days ago, but I’m about a week behind my normal pattern of posting. I love buffers so much. So, here’s to keeping on and the season of new beginnings.

Smells by Kathryn Worth


Through all the frozen winter

My nose has grown most lonely

for lovely, lovely colored smells

that come in springtime only.


The purple smell of lilac,

the yellow smell that blows

across the air of meadows

where bright forsythia grows.


The tall pink smell of peach trees,

the low white smell of clover,

and everywhere the great green smell

of grass the whole world over.


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