Hero by Chris McDaniel

A great tide of evil approaches
And the world stands idly by,
Those who see the threat simply say
“Let those with more power handle it,
Let those with money deal with it.
A hero always appears, someone will save us.”

The threat is here
And some wage battle with the forces of Evil.
They fight only to delay,
For a prophet had proclaimed
A golden-haired warrior would come
And defeat the evil infesting the land.
So they think as they fight for their freedom, their lives
“A hero will come and save us,
Why should I die when he will win for us.”

So it comes to pass,
that the good and righteous fall before the wicked.
Yet still those with good hearts and rebellious souls,
Choose to wait and bide their time.
They know a hero was said to come;
That he would rise,
A golden phoenix from the scarlet embers of the world.
They wait for a hero to come,
Ignoring the death and rot around them.

They walk through the streets, ignoring the broken doors,
The screams of terror, and the sounds of gunfire.
A man walks by a run-down home,
He thinks of going in, of helping those inside.
But he thinks “Why put my life in danger.
A hero will come eventually, he will save everyone.”
As he walks off, hair glowing red-gold in the sunset;
A golden-haired youth falls, a knife in his chest
As he stands against evil
To defend his family.


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