Spring of the Faerie

Spring of the Faerie by Chris McDaniel

Early one spring morning,
I thought I heard a song.
It weaved out of the misty woods
And tickled in my ears.

Come and play
Come and play

I walked down to the forest’s edge
And stared out into the fog
A mystic wood it was
Inhabited by those best left alone.

Come and play
Come and play

I followed the Siren call
And dared the misty woods.
It seemed every tree bent close
To whisper a warning in my ear

‘Ware the Fey
‘ware the Fey

The path was worn
Though no man had ever tread it,
And the air was still
This chill morn’

Come and play
Come and play

A figure flitted through the mist
And across the well-worn path
It was fleet of foot
And seemed to lead me on my way

‘Ware the Fey
‘ware the Fey

I could only catch glimpses
Of my swift companion
A pointed ear, a slanted eye
Clothes of silver and hair of gold

Can we play?
Can we play?

I could not say how long I walked
I never grew tired, and the sun was blocked
By the white mist and towering trees.
The world seemed timeless to me

Shall we dance?
Or should we chase?

The floating music and soft whispers
Were clear as day
And when I entered the dell
All around me appeared the Fey

“ware the Fey
‘ware the Fey

They were beyond compare
Graceful, beautiful, and gay
Some of them stood tall as trees
And glowed like the gentle sun

What shall we play?
What shall we play?

Other floated through the air
Like twinkling stars
Laughing and dancing
Without the slightest care

Beware the Fey
The tricky Fey

I knew I must be
In a court of the Faerie
And as I regained my wit
I quickly made a bow

What fun! What fun!
Do you wish to play?

A gorgeous maiden,
attended by a flock of lights
Broke from the shining crowd.
She was clothed only in her radiant hair
And her skin was smooth and pale.

Riddles and Games
Truth and Tricks

I blushed deep, and she laughed in delight
Placing a cool hand against my cheek
“Catch me if you can” she breathed
Her voice full of light and glee.

The Hound and the Hare
Let us run!

She spun upon her toes
And dashed away
The mist concealing her
Behind a veil of white

Do not go
Turn away

I heard the warnings
I knew the tales
But all that filled me
Was her ruby smile.

Run, run, Run
Dash like the wind

The trees blurred by
Silently watching my pursuit
Of the gorgeous Faerie

The was no time for music,
No whispers to warn me away
For I had decided, to chase the Fey

I saw her before me,
And she cast looks back at me
Laughing each time and bounding away

There was no longer a path
Yet I never stepped wrong
And tripped upon the roots

The other Fey watched from the treetops
Delighted and shouting, encouraging the chase
But it seemed I could not catch her.

She was like the wind,
Always a step faster
And evading my grasp

Soon we reached a scintillating stream
With a roaring waterfall nearby,
And my lady stopped and spun to face me

She held her arms out wide to greet me,
And I raced to her with glee
Only to be embraced by the water’s depth’s

She laughed at my splashing
And the others joined her in uproarious delight
Despite my desperate watery plight.

Again she was off
And again I gave chase
Despite the chill in the morning air

Traps and tricks kept her just out of reach
How they laughed at my struggles
And soon I despaired at catching my lady

But then a boon from above,
The sun came through the ancient trees
To set the mists ablaze

My beautiful lady fey stopped,
Delighted by the colors flowing through the air
And finally I had her in my grasp

Her eyes widened in surprise,
But she knew her defeat
And with a giggle wrapped her arms around me

She smelled of the spring meadows
As she held me close to her
And with a twinkling mischief in her eyes
She placed her lips against mine.

Then I was back at the edge of the woods
Her laughter in my ears, and her taste upon my lips
The morning was bright and clear
And gone were the Faeries and the mist

I do not know if I shall see her again,
My lady whom I chased that morn’
But as I sit in the center of town
I’ll tell all who’ll hear:

“Beware the Fey, the brilliant fey
Whose laughter echoes through the woods
For they’ll ensnare your heart
And leave you longing forevermore…”

Spring of the Faerie

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