Far Afield

Far Afield by Chris McDaniel

There are many places
Where the light of Love
Shines brightly

Fair Luna, our steady muse,
Lending silvery glow
To Love’s embrace

Fair Luna, a shining lady,
Disinterested and cool
Perfection watching from afar

Golden Venus, the ancient ideal,
Long worshiped for her beauty
From which fevered dreams are made

Golden Venus, our distant star,
Idol of a passion
Which burns all who embrace it

There are many places
Where Love’s light can be seen
And yet to hold it close
There is only one

The beautiful queen, to whom we all belong,
Gaia, Bhumi, Terra, Earth
Who greets our waking
And holds us as we sleep

She is everything Love need be
Towering majesty and humble gestures
Roiling passions and gentle caresses
Stern principles and soft acceptance.

How can our eyes wander so,
Plying the vast heaven for beauties
While she stands silently at our side,
An eternal partner.

Far Afield

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