I remembered this time. Happy Birthday to the First President of the United States.

Washington by Nancy Byrd Turner

He played by the river when he was young
he raced with rabbits along the hills,
he fished for minnows, and climbed and swung,
and hooted back at the whippoorwills.
Strong and slender and tall he grew-
and then, one morning, the bugles blew.

Over the hills the summons came,
over the river’s shining rim.
He said that the bugles called his name,
he knew that his country needed him,
and he answered, “coming” and marched away
for many a night and many a day.

Perhaps when the marches were hot and long
He’d think of the river flowing by
or, camping under winter sky,
would hear the whippoorwill’s far-off song.
Boy or soldier, in peace or strife,
he loved America all his life!


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