This is something that is bound to happen when you post ahead and don’t look at the calendar. I completely missed Lincoln’s birthday on the 12th. Happy belated Birthday Mr. President.

Lincoln by Nancy Byrd Turner

There was a boy of other days,
A quiet, awkward, earnest lad,
who trudged long weary miles to get
a book on which his heart was set-
and then no candle had!

He was too poor to buy a lamp
but very wise in woodsmen’s ways.
He gathered seasoned bough and stem,
and crisping leaf, and kindled them
into a ruddy blaze

Then as he lay full length and read,
the firelight flickered on his face,
and etched his shadow on the gloom
and made a picture in the room,
in that most humble place.

The hard years came, the hard years went,
But, gentle, brave, and strong of will,
he met them all. And when today
we see his pictured face, we say,
“There’s light upon it still.”


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