This is Love

This is Love by Chris McDaniel

Walking through this world,
Bleak, alone, and empty
Wandering past circles of heat,
Gatherings of companionship,
They are guarded by iron laws,
Love, untouchable and out of reach.

I ran into a stranger,
A wanderer without company.
Softly something stirs,
Dark-eyed Eros, awakening,
Reaching towards the flimsy sparks
Of steeled souls meeting.
This is Love.

My companion, my friend,
A campfire on this desolate plain.
I’m no longer alone.
I tell them my dreams, my worries,
I confide in them my dark secrets
They nod and hold me closer,
Whispering kindness in my ear.
This is Love.

They are everything to me,
The sun rises with their smile,
And storms rage at their displeasure.
They show me to their friends
reveal the coldness of my own.
Drawing me ever closer,
My glorious Eros.
This… This is Love.

They take me to a party,
A gathering of couples, like us
Hand in hand, glowing like lanterns.
Their words are sweetened honey
And I drink them up,
Sipping gently from my love’s hand,
And they whisper,
“This is Love.”

The music grows louder,
The rhythm faster,
Bodies closer
I watch in horror,
As loving masks are shed
Revealing monstrous hungers,
Insatiable lusts
Writhing on the floor
Naked and oblivious.
I want to run, to escape
But Eros stops me
Consumed by the fires
Skin charred, voice raspy
“Come, Come”
“No” I cry.


No sound leaves me.
Beneath my porcelain mask
A monster stirs,
A thousand limbs
pulling at the edges
Tearing me apart.
I try to hold back,
To maintain myself,
Against the hunger.
“Let go,” it croons,
“We don’t want to wander again,
Let go.”

This is Love?

This is Love

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