Children of the Night

Children of the Night by Chris McDaniel

Come forth, oh starry cloaked figures
And keep the mortal realm dreaming
With your golden sand.

Tonight is our dance
While the silvery moon smiles
Through the longest night.

We celebrate our mother, the velvety night
And we bask in the warmth
Of fiery mortal dreams.

We are the children of the night
Those who listen to the silence
And view the world’s starry veil.

We are not the Dark ones
The eaters of flesh
And stealers of souls

We are the contemplators,
The whispering breezes
And the swaying shadows.

But tonight we rejoice
And lift quiet voices in song
As the sandmen laugh
And cavort over bright dreams.

Our alabaster hair glows
As our Mother embraces the world,
Letting her sleep while our uncle is away
For without our cool night
Who would enjoy the day?

The light would wither and burn
So our mother gently eases
Her fiery brother aside
And holds the earth in velvet hands.

We are the children of the night
The silent ones,
The unchanging ones
But tonight we shall dance.

Children of the Night

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