The Waltzer in the House

The Waltzer in the House by Stanley Kunitz

A sweet, a delicate white mouse,
a little blossom of a beast,
is waltzing in the house
among the crackers and the yeast.

O’ the swaying of his legs!
O’ the bobbing of his head!
The lady, beautiful and kind,
the blue-eyed mistress, lately wed,
has almost laughed away her wits
to see the pretty mouse that sits
on his tiny pink behind
and swaying, bobbing, begs.

She feeds him tarts and curds,
seed packaged for the birds,
and figs, and nuts, and cheese;
Polite as Pompadour to please
the dainty waltzer of her house,
the sweet, the delicate, the innocent white mouse.

As in a dream, as in a trance,
She loves his rhythmic elegance,
She laughs to see his bobbing dance.

The Waltzer in the House

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