Green Stems

I’ve realized (This is the 6th when I’m writing this) that this style of posting has a insidious little problem. It is very easy to post a poem and not write anything else. In part, I like doing that because I don’t want to start analyzing these poems for people. I don’t mind discussing them, but I want people to read them and come to their own conclusions. On the other hand, I’m lazy, very very lazy. Plus classes are starting back up soon. Not sure if I’m going to think up a solution for this yet, maybe eventually I’ll do a blurb about a day and end with a poem, but I don’t know.

Green Stems by Margaret Wise Brown

Little things that crawl and creep
in the green grass forests,
Deep in their long-stemmed world
where ferns uncurl
to a greener world
beneath the leaves above them;
and every flower upon its stem
blows above them there
the bottom of a geranium,
the back side of a trillium,
the belly of a bumblebee
is all they see, these little things
down so low
where no bird sings
where no wind blows,
deep in their long-stemmed world.

Green Stems

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