Black Dreams

This erasure poem was written from the text of Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson. Interestingly, I had never read the novel when I wrote this. I wrote this from a handout that a teacher gave me when we were learning about erasure poems, the scene takes place when they stay out by the lake if memory serves. I may have to use Housekeeping for another erasure in the future, because there is a beautiful scene in it about the world made of salt, with a mother made of salt, that is just bursting with amazing imagery and language to repurpose.

Black Dreams by Chris McDaniel

Specter’s hands upon my eyes,
Darkness, rust-red, sat heavily,
A sheet over the earth.
Dreams come to haunt me
to trick me.
Rocks submerged into the Lake,
The roar of the woods.
We are survivors, picking amongst flotsam.

Black Dreams

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