One of the coolest things about this whole endeavor for me, is the sheer number of poets, most of whom I have never heard of before, whose names I’m placing. It doesn’t exactly shock me, I know there are a lot of poets, but it’s still kind of cool.

Wind-Wolves by William D. Sargent

Do you hear the cry as the pack goes by,
The wind-wolves hunting across the sky?
Hear them tongue it, keen and clear,
Hot on the flanks of the flying deer!

Across the forest, mere, and plain,
Their hunting howl goes up again!
All night they’ll follow the ghostly trail,
All night we’ll hear their phantom wail,

For tonight the wind-wolf pack holds sway
From Pegasus Square to the Milky Way,
And the frightened bands of cloud-deer flee
In scattered groups of two and three.


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