Scarlet Ice

One of my favorite erasure poems I have done, using text from Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. I really feel like I should do more erasure poems eventually, but doing them properly is quite a bit of work, and I can hardly get myself writing new material, let alone going through the selection process for an erasure.

Scarlet Ice by Chris McDaniel

I peered at him, Old English-a Beowulf, Nordic and Virginal. He looked at me, boring into my eyes-piercing my head, glossy and depthless, a pure blank sheet-the glossy surface of my brain, my landscape; marble calm Heart of Winter, waiting for the miraculous change, rapt and naked, grey scraps drawn on black fog. Touch of emotion, faintest glow crackling with blue light- skin like cloth-bones break-a split plant; blood-stained bridal sheets, a fierce, bright red Asylum. A sheath of ice, forgetfulness like snow erase the traces of this barefoot doll. Buried. Forgotten.

Scarlet Ice

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