This poem definitely has a special place for me, and it gets more and more prophetic as the years go on. I wrote this back in early high school, before I knew  I was going to go to Wittenberg University, where their seal says “Having Light we pass it on to Others”, before I knew I was going to try and become a teacher. Makes it a little eerie at times, but it also makes it all the more special.

Unknown by Chris McDaniel

I came into the world and saw nothing
Color and light were blurring
But the darkness filled me
My mind saw nothing, all was hidden

As the days dragged on
I saw small motes of light
I gathered them and fought off the shadows,
The world was so beautiful, so complex

But the shadows remained
Most of the world was black
And I was terrified of what ugliness there could be
So I searched for more light
Creating a candle then a torch, and soon
A blazing blade I held

I hacked at the shadows
Revealing a world that fascinated me
Others wandered and balked when challenged
They look at me and want me gone
To stop reminding them
That I have more light to fight the darkness

What is hidden by shadows
Both terrifies and fascinates my mind
Sometimes I see others walking
Farther than myself
And I try to follow
But some areas resist my knowledge

I will light the darkness
I will end my fears
Then I will help others with my light
Until my burning sun goes out


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