Nature is…

Second day!

This New Year’s Resolution is going to be so easy right?

Here’s a poem I copied from that poetry book I mentioned yesterday, it was the Random House book of Children’s Poetry, or something like that, containing over 500 poems. Most of them I didn’t copy because I didn’t connect to them, but this was the first poem in the book, and I found it incredible.

Nature Is by Jack Prelutsky

Nature is the endless sky,
The sun of golden light
A cloud that floats serenely by,
The silver moon of night.

Nature is a sandy dune,
A tall and stately tree,
The waters of a clear lagoon,
The billows on the sea.

Nature is a gentle rain
And winds that howl and blow
A thunderstorm, a hurricane,
A silent field of snow

Nature is a tranquil breeze
And pebbles on a shore
Nature’s each and all of these
And infinitely more.

Nature is…

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