A New Year’s Resolution

So I think I’ve dropped the ball pretty hard on this blog. I’ve had a rough year, trying to get my Alternative Teacher’s License, going back to college, not being able to work because of the going back to college, and the health of the family being the rocky road it is… I’ve had more than enough reasons and excuses to prevent me from doing what I should be doing.

However, I spent a lot of time this semester copying poems out of a book, mostly for fun and then later out of a stubborn desire to finish getting them all before the end of the semester. It reminded me of one of the things I am most proud I did with this blog, and that was the Poetry Month my first April. I posted a poem a day (all my own original work) for a full month, and it was a lot of fun.

So, I decided that I am going to do a Poetry Year. Starting today I plan on posting a poem a day for the entire year. To make this actually possible I’m going to be taking advantage of the ability to create a post and have the system post it later, something I’ve rarely even looked at before. Hopefully this is an enjoyable experience, I’ll be posting whatever I can find out of the collection I just copied, old textbooks, and my own works, and we’ll see where it takes us.

To kick things off, I shall open this year the same way I opened the Poetry Month, with a personal Ars Poetica (a poem about poetry).

Ars Poetica by Chris McDaniel

… The World’s pulse
Beating in time
With our song,
Lyrics broken and beautiful

A howl into the void,
A whisper in my love’s ear
A confession upon your shoulder
A challenge to the broken world

Strip away your defenses and correctness
And dive naked into the boiling
Sea, scour the deep places
Of eternal cold and night.

Drag yourself onto a beach of bones,
under a river of stars,
steal their names and wear them
like a necklace of purple pearls,
give them to a newborn babe
while he is teething.

Climb atop the shoulders of giants
And stare into blank eyes,
Eyes which can’t see you,
And count the passing dust.

Dance with the spirits of the Earth,
Weep alongside ancient gods
And laugh amongst the demons

Speak a word to silence the crowd,
Speak again to draw out
The wailing and keening mass,
Speak thrice to glide
Into the place beyond grief.

Attach angel’s wings to a fly
And watch it sing,
Unearth shards of evil
Rooted deep in clay bones
And study their flinty edges,
Illuminate the gray lands we see
And wonder at their multi-hued mysteries

Let go and…

A New Year’s Resolution

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