Hello Once More

So, in the list of promises I can’t keep we shall add this blog.  I will not fall to temptation and promise to post regularly again, at least not until I pull it off, but I shall endeavor to retake the rhythm I was trying to establish.

To be fair to myself though, it hasn’t been an easy few months. In January my Grandmother began her hip replacement surgery and she stayed at our house to recover, she is still recovering due to complications and two other surgeries since then. Then we had a death in the family, added a top the usual menagerie of life and it’s problems.

Partially excuses, partially explanations for where my head has been. I admit, in terms of literature, I’ve essentially written nothing new. However, as I said a few months ago, I write a lot for my gaming, and I’ve finished a bit of a marathon run finally.

This June I shall be running a short adventure called “Strangers in Skern” at the Origins gaming convention. If you are unfamiliar, it is one of the two biggest such conventions in the U.S.A. Since it is so big, and I’m running five separate sessions of the game, I made a decision. I would create as many pre-generated characters as I needed to fill in the holes in my line-up. You may remember that I posted around 11 character backstories before my other Dungeons and Dragons games. They are included in a list that is now 24 characters strong. I’m only missing Sorcerers and Druids. Sorcerers because mechanically I had enough arcane classes with everything else and Druids because their wildshape ability is ridiculous. Also, writing so many unique characters was sapping and I just couldn’t come up with an additional 4 or 5 at the time.

Here now follows my entire line-up of characters. After Origins I may even post the adventure notes (won’t post before in case someone reads them and then participates in the game)

Greer Steelblood: Orc, Sage, Totem Barbarian
Age: 52 years, Height: 6’8″, Weight: 230 lbs, Eyes: Black, Skin: Grey,  Hair:White

Personality Traits: I listen to all sides of an argument before  judging
Ideals: Knowledge of others leads to improvement of the self
Bonds: My clan is precious to me and my research shall lead them forward
Flaws: The promise of Knowledge is a siren song I cannot resist

I am Greer, Shaman of the Steelblood clan of the Deep Forest. When I was born a massive Owlbear was spotted near our village, twice the size of a normal beast, but strangely docile, as though it had only come to observe the event. It marked my birth as the next shaman of our tribe and I was brought up accordingly. I spent many days learning the stories, many days listening to the spirits and learning to call upon them. As my final trial I was sent into the Forest to seek my totem. That is when I saw the Owlbear for myself. It’s massive shoulders came up to my chin, it’s beak looked capable of sheering a tree in half. Truly, this was no mortal creature I had come upon. From it’s nest I took three feathers and a broken claw, the same totem I still carry to this day. When I returned I was given our clan’s relic, Sawtooth, a weapon made from the jawbone of some ancient horror. I have seen these teeth punch through steel, and I know they have been the weapon of the shamans for nearly three hundred years. Surely you must understand why we worship such beasts, why we live as we do? Our connection gives us great strength and provides us with all we may ever need. I led my tribe for many years, until the dispute with the humans and elves. We met in many gatherings, argued, debated, and threatened. It was during this that I realized the fundamental problem. We lacked understanding. If we do not understand each other, we cannot communicate. So I brokered a temporary peace, a delay, and set out to understand your savage cultures. I have not returned home in years, your ways are complex and multi-layered. I know I cannot force you to understand us, but perhaps this is my opportunity.

Torin Yarjerit: Dragonborn (White), Knight, Frenzy Barbarian
Age: 26 years, Height: 6′ 2″, Weight: 220 lbs, Eyes:Ice Blue, Skin: Pale Scales, Hair: none

Personality Traits: No one can doubt, looking upon my noble visage, that I am a man of valor and importance
Ideals: It is the duty of a knight to protect and aid those whom need it
Bonds: The Lady Nala Clethtinthiallor
Flaws: I am the mightest knight in all lands, no fear can quell my heart and no challenge exists I cannot defeat

For many years Torin’s only love was battle. The glory of ringing steel, the fierce joy of competition, nothing surpassed it and few could match him in single combat. Then, alas, the arrows of love found their mark. Torin was participating in a tourney when he beheld the Great Lady Nala Clethtinthiallor and was smitten beyond hope. Despite having proved his combat prowess beyond measure, her father would not give her hand in marriage. Desperately, Torin swore himself to a Grand Quest, to prove his worth before all the world. However, with his usual hot-headedness, Torin never thought beyond declaring to go on the quest into the realms of what his quest would actually be. He has no doubt though that a grand destiny awaits him. He also does not doubt the heart of his beloved and sends poetic words of his undying love to tide her until his return.


Adran Holimon: High Elf, Sage (Librarian) , Bard of Lore
Age:498 years, Height:5′ 1″, Weight: 132 lbs, Eyes: Olive Green ,Skin: Tanned,                       Hair: White, Braided

Personality Traits: There is nothing I enjoy more than a good mystery
Ideals: The preservation of knowledge, and by extension the protection of civilization, is my highest duty
Bonds: Great Elven Library of Drax
Flaws: I would risk life and limb for knowledge, actually, I have done so many times

There is much unknown in the world, many secrets hidden from mortal eyes. Adran has devoted his life to finding and cataloging as much of this knowledge as he possibly can. Working with many different colleagues Adran first helped establish the Great Elven Library of Drax, cataloging various works, and compiling lists of where they were obviously missing information. Then Adran began traveling, gathering funding and new knowledge to continuously expand the library. He hasn’t step foot back home in over 250 years as he has traveled to the world’s great cities researching and building relationships. Now, his eyes have turned towards the truly lost knowledge, hidden deep in ruins and tombs in the wild lands.


Creed : Tiefling, Sailor , Valor Bard
Age: 27  years, Height: 5’10”, Weight:200 lbs, Eyes: Yellow , Skin: Crimson,                        Hair: Close-cropped dark

Personality Traits: All of life is a Grand Adventure, a mystery to be explored and conquered
Ideals: I would walk through Hellfire to keep my word
Bonds: I shall learn the final fate of my Great-Grandfather
Flaws: Tales of bravery and Adventure can stop me in my tracks, especially tales of me

Creed grew up on tales of his Great-Grandfather, Captain Tempest, Sailor and Adventurer, Conquerer of Savage Islands and Savior of lost Princesses, a True Man amongst Men. At the age of 15 Creed resolved to follow in his Great-Grandfather’s footsteps and become a sailor. Towards that end he stowed away on the Ship “Dark’s Tears.” After being tossed overboard he was found by Captain Erikson of the “Seabird” and eventually worked his way up to First Mate. Unfortunately, the merchant company that owned the Seabird fell into debt and the ship was sold and her crew disbanded. Undeterred, though saddened, Creed resolved to gather enough money on land to purchase his own vessel to Captain and fulfill a lifelong dream of discovering his Great-Grandfather’s final resting place upon the endless sea.

Calls sword Mothwing “For it is the Wing upon which the souls travel to their final rest”

The Receipt is the only clue Creed has, along with the stories of his Great Grandfather, to trace his path and find his grave.


Reverence: Tiefling, Merchant, Cleric of Life of Boldrie
Age: 20 years, Height:5’4″ , Weight: 175 lbs, Eyes: Crimson eyes , Skin: Royal Violet Skin,  Hair: Dark Hair

Personality Traits: Nothing can shake my optimism
Ideals: It is the duty of all civilized people to strengthen and support their community
Bonds: Church of Boldrie, Goddess of Community and Home
Flaws:  I trust in my leaders absolutely, as the goddess commands

The Tiefling known as Reverence was not born to that name. Like many of her people she changed her name to reflect a defining moment in her life. Growing up in the small town of Tok life was simple and unassuming. Then she witnessed a miracle. A soldier stumbled into town, terrible wounds covering his body. She was certain he would die, until an old man walked up to hm, placed a hand glowing with golden light upon his forehead, and the wounds closed before her eyes. This miracle led the young child to the Goddess Boldrei, She who watches over hearth and community. Reverence joined the church and learned the healing arts, but soon discovered a terrible thing. The church, for all its good, was poor, too poor to offer all the services their goddess expected. So, taking up her holy symbol, Reverence set out as a traveling merchant, to fund her ailing church by selling brews, cheeses, anything she could. Of course, you need funds to start with, and adventurers always need healers…

Reverence recently registered with the Trade Federation, receiving a “Bag of Holding” to hold her goods. Bag has a capacity of 500 lbs, currently around 100 lbs

This includes: 10 lbs of wheat, 10 lbs of flour, 15 lbs salt, 40 sq yards of cotton cloth (1×40),  1 lb of cloves, 30 sq yards of linen (1×30), 6 hardened cheese wheels, 10 gallons of ale, 1 fine bottle of wine.


Xanaphia Ilphelkiir: Wood Elf, Soldier (Officer),  War Cleric of Iron Lord
Age: 362 years, Height: 5’3”, Weight: 189 lbs, Eyes:Piercing grey, Skin: scarred and worn ,  Hair: black w/ red hints

Personality Traits: I can stare down hellspawn without flinching
Ideals: Nothing will pull me from the path of my destiny
Bonds: The Iron Lord
Flaws: I have little respect for those who are not proven warriors

When Xanaphia was very young (only twenty or so) she had a dream. In this dream she saw herselfbedecked in gleaming mail, sword in hand, charging alongside her brothers and sisters in arms for honor and glory. The next day, driven by her dreams, Xanaphia enlisted. For 150 years she fought in the elvish army, both in domestic and foreign battles. She rose steadily in the esteem of her peers and learned many things about war and people. She saw how battle united disparate parts into a more powerful whole, how differences of race, culture, or belief were burned away by the crucible of the battlefield, how much more efficient the common soldier was than the fat merchant or sycophant courtier. Then, after her years of service, she had another dream. The army she fought in shook the earth, they were from all nations, all planes, and they fought a foe more terrible than she could comprehend. Leading them was the Iron Lord, her lord and commander whose service she had entered that first night so many years before. The War of Ages was coming, and the Iron Lord knew all people, regardless of creed or race would need to unite under one banner to survive it. His banner. Xanaphia had work to do, uniting people against this evil in the name of the Iron Lord.

Harbeck Ungart: Hill Dwarf, Soldier (Standard Bearer), Battlemaster Fighter
Age: 167 years, Height: 5’0”, Weight:200 lbs, Eyes: Blue eyes, Skin: scarred skin,  Hair:Scarlet, braided hair and beard

Personality Traits: Simple solutions are the best, complex plans fall apart.
Ideals: Our lot is to lay down our lives in defense of others.
Bonds:  Never forget the defeat at Morlaend
Flaws: The monstrous enemy we faced still leaves me quivering in fear.

Harbeck rose through the ranks of the military to earn the honour of the the standard bearer, the rock that the unit would rally to, for the 89th regiment of Harth. He served proudly for many years, but in an expedition to Morlaend in the Underdark he saw his regiment slaughtered by a great shadowy beast, as his commander refused to retreat. He never learned what they were after, because after hours fighting in the pitch black, only able to see the gleaming teeth of the monstrosity they fought, the line broke and he and the other survivors fled in terror. After this brutal massacre, with no explanation from the higher ups, Harbeck left the military to become a soldier of fortune, using his experience to keep his company alive and only fighting the battles he chose.


Sam the Valorous: Human, Entertainer (Dancer), Battle Master Fighter
Age: 25 years, Height:5’2″, Weight: 165 lbs, Eyes: grey, Skin: pale,  Hair:black

Personality Traits: I hate Filth. There is nothing better than a good insult, even one directed at me
Ideals: My technique only continues to improve, soon my art will be perfect
Bonds: My blade is my soul
Flaws:I speak my mind, regardless of the consequences

I am Sam the Valorous! Well, of course that is not my given name, my family name is Aubigny but I have well earned the title of Valorous and intend to keep it. How did I earn it you ask? I believe it was first bestowed upon me when I dueled the dreaded Tiefling pirate Despair. You might remember him as the one who burned half the coast to ashes a few years back. Well, I was enjoying myself in the city of Ashport when he sailed in in and demanded everything of value or he would reduce the city to rubble. Having not quite finished enjoying the sights I could not allow that so I challenged the horned jackanape in a duel to the death. He fought poorly for one so feared, but I suppose it was to be expected. I am quite the skilled duelist after all, I’ve mastered six different blades and all eight forms of Elvish Sword dancing. What? You thought there were only seven? Common misunderstanding, the eighth is much more intimate and outsiders rarely hear of it, my instructors even refused to teach me at first. However, I told them that if they could get me to blush I would leave off the matter. Between me and you, wow, elves. Not as uptight as they want you to believe, but as I said I have mastered all eight styles. My childhood? Well, I suppose it is reasonable to ask about such things. My father was a steward in the capitol of Torall, not a prized job but it did us well enough. I spent most of my time watching the noble children learn swordplay from their instructor. One day they took offense to my commentary and set about trying to teach me a lesson. Well, unlike those slack-jawed, lily livers I had paid attention to their lessons and gave each a sound beating for their troubles. Their instructor was forced to return the favor, and that is when I realized that there was so much more for me to learn. I left home, much to the relief of some I have heard, and set about perfecting my craft.


Stone of The Bloodmoon Tribe: Beasthide Shifter, Outlander , Champion Fighter
Age:~20 years, Height:5’3”, Weight:206 lbs, Eyes:Flat, Skin: Rough, Scarred,  Hair: Shaggy

Personality Traits: Money, things, all worthless. Keep what you can carry while running from the Horde
Ideals: The Strong rule, but I will not become the monsters I fight
Bonds: Ravager has served me, kept me alive, I owe this weapon
Flaws: Violence is the first, and last answer

Stone, of the Bloodmoon tribe, does not remember much of his early life. He was happy, his tribe was strong; then during the celebration of the Bloodmoon his tribe was named for they were attacked. Gnolls poured out of the hills, slaughtering everyone. Stone’s spear shattered and he grabbed a morningstar dropped by one of the gnolls. Eventually he fought his way free of the battle and took shelter in a nearby cave. No one else escaped. For years Stone wandered, gathering supplies and armor from the bodies of the slain. Finally, Stone discovered a human town, leaving behind the Gnoll infested lands he had called home. Knowing no other path he and his morningstar Ravager have continued to fight and kill. He has little in the way of goals, it has been enough simply to fight and survive.


Nyx Ningel: Forest Gnome, Folk Hero, Open Hand Monk
Age: 37 years Height:3′ 3″ Weight:75 lbs Eyes:Periwinkle  Skin:Brown   Hair:Reddish Gold

Personality Traits: If someone is in trouble I’m always ready to come to their aid
Ideals: I prefer honesty, no reason to pretend I’m something I’m not
Bonds: The people of the village are my family
Flaws:My hatred towards my enemies is terrible and they receive no quarter

Young Nix spent most of her time caring for her family’s goat herd deep in the Forests of Arend. She wiled away the hours carving wood, playing the pan pipes she had made, and most importantly observing the animals of the forest. Every creature had a lesson to teach her, and then suddenly her lessons become deathly important. From beneath the forest floor huge, brutish people suddenly appeared, attacking her with whips and chains. Fleeing to her village Nyx found more of the brutes, but her time with the animals had taught her skills in the art of combat, and she was able to rally her people to route the invaders. All was not well though, as Nyx’s mother and other people of the village were found to be missing after the attack. Nyx set out to find them, and discover who these enemies were.


Song Amongst the Willow Leaves: Wood Elf, Acolyte, Elemental Monk
Age: 346 years, Height:5’5″ Weight: 125 lbs  Eyes:Green Skin: alabaster  Hair: Red

Personality Traits: It has been many years since I have lived amongst people, I often find myself overwhelmed by it all
Ideals: The ancient traditions must be upheld
Bonds: Many sacred texts have been scattered throughout the lands, I will find them
Flaws: A dark secret weighs heavily upon my heart, preventing true peace

You may refer to me as Song Amongst the Willow Leaves. It is not the name I was born with, but it is the name I was given when I was reborn in the Temple of the Windwalkers. Yes, reborn. I went there broken, consumed, and the monks helped make me whole again. I lived within the temple for perhaps two hundred years, the early days were hard, but once I learned to listen I found myself appreciating the differences in the wind.  I sat for six years in the Willow grove, listening to the song of wind and leaf. However, a few months ago the Grandmaster called upon me. He could tell my heart was still ill at ease, I had not forgotten the pain that brought me to the Temple, and as long as I carried it within me I could not become one with the wind and gain the freedom it calls its own. So I was sent upon a quest. Many of our sacred writings were lost in a great catastrophe, the destruction of the Great Temple of the Way. My task is to recovery as many of these writings as I can, the Grandmaster’s hope is that being once more in the world will allow me to cleanse the pain from my heart.


Keth: Orc, Criminal (Smuggler), Oath of Vengeance Paladin
Age: 29 years, Height: 6’2″, Weight: 235 lbs, Eyes:Black eyes Skin: Gray Skin Hair:Bald

Personality Traits: I always have a plan, and a back-up plan.
Ideals: I’m loyal to my friends, not any fancy ideals or empty thrones.
Bonds: People died because of my mistake, never again.
Flaws:Too greedy for my own good, can’t resist making coin in spite of the risks.

Keth’s first life was like many in the slums of Dror, desperate and poor, but unlike many others Keth had a plan. He learned the ins and outs of the city, mapped out all the secret routes and gathered a crew, then began his second life as a smuggler. He was good, smuggling goods and people out or in as the customer demanded. Good enough he could have lived comfortably, but Keth always wanted more. His last job was different than may that had come before, the robed man who demanded they help smuggle a small crate into the city gave everyone the willies, but he offered more coin than any of them had ever seen. So, despite his second in command’s protests, they took the job. When they arrived with the package they found the client finishing up a ritual, and the box exploded, revealing a demon with a golden circlet upon its head. It slaughtered his companions, and in that moment Keth’s third life began. Feeling rage and power like never before he took up his blade and struck down the beast with a brilliant explosion of energy. The Client escaped during the battle, but Keth swore upon all the deities and the blood of his comrades that he would track him down and repay him in blood for the lives lost.

Your search has reached a dead-end, though you’ve learned this man is part of a larger organization. A bandit lord in the area seems to have information, but demands a sizeable payment for his cooperation. Luckily, you and your companions seem about to come into a large windfall.


Sir David of Sendar: Human, Folk Hero, Devotion Paladin
Age:50 years, Height: 5’11” Weight: 249 lbs, Eyes:Blue Skin:Weathered                                 Hair: Brown w/ Pepper

Personality Traits: I’m always ready to lend a hand to people
Ideals: Nothing is more satisfying than hard work well done
Bonds: Sendar and its people
Flaws: I have no qualms about speaking my mind, no matter the consequences

David grew up in the border town, city-state, of Sendar, an independent place of hard-working no-nonsense folk. David was the town blacksmith, as well as doing some masonry, roofing, and whatever else needed to be done around town. Dependable, honest and hardworking David was well-loved. Then, one dark night an unearthly howl echoed through the streets, graves tore open and the dead fell upon the living in a ravenous wave. Taking up his hammer David fought his way to the town square, towards the town hall were people had fled. There, beset on all sides by the hungry dead and his strength failing, there came a sign. A sound like the tolling of a great bell rang throughout the town, and a strange symbol burst forth from David’s hammer. Suffused with light, and with every blow shattering the undead, David fought on until morning. Afterwards David went to the Temple, to ask the priests whose blessing had saved the town. But the strange symbol as unknown to the them, and thus David was dubbed Sir David by the Council of Sendar and left in search of the Diety who saved his people from destruction.

The holy symbol on your hammer is a Silver Triangle, with a sunburst contained within.


Gren Orson: Orc, Acolyte of Kord,  Hunter Ranger
Age:23 years, Height: 6’2”  Weight:232 lbs, Eyes: Yellow Skin: Grey  Hair: Long and Dark

Personality Traits: Between my years in the Monastery and my years in the forests, I have little experience dealing with people
Ideals: I wish to conquer the most fearsome places in the world to prove my strength
Bonds: Nadrak
Flaws: Once I pick a goal, I pursue it relentlessly

Gren grew up in a monastery devoted to Kord, god of Strength. With no memories from before the monastery Gren simply assumed the reason no one spoke of their parents was because they had died. The life of an Acolyte at the temple left little time for introspection though. Instead Gren was consumed in a steady regime of exercise, wrestling, and cleaning. No dust was allowed to settle in the monastery halls or the Arena, unless it was to give more work for the Acolytes to do. Things changed though when Gren turned 16 and Nadrak showed up at the monastery. Nadrak was an Orc as well, built like stone and with a sense of implacable resolve. He didn’t boast of his strength, but he did tell stories of his exploits, tales of ferocious beasts, treacherous peaks, and devastating storms. The strength of Nature astounded young Gren who had never seen more than the cultivated lands of the Monastery, but even more awe-inspiring was the man who had lived through it’s terrors, who’d conquered them. By the end of the year Gren had resolved to do the same, and set out to survive in the untamed lands, the dark lands where Nature ruled with her immense might.


Tema Rockwater: Hill Dwarf, Soldier (Scout), Hunter Ranger
Age:211 years, Height: 4’3″ Weight:175 lbs, Eyes: Slate, Skin: Dark,  Hair:Brown

Personality Traits: I’ve lost many friends on the battlefield, and I will not face that pain again
Ideals: Blindly following orders is just a different type of tyranny
Bonds: I’ll never forget the ones who betrayed us
Flaws: I made a mistake once, many died, I will not allow the truth to come to light

My name is Tema Rockwater, 5th Iron squad of the Dwarven Army, Forward Scout. I led a typical Dwarven life, mining and exploring. My clan is nearest to the peak, so I spent many years out in the snow and ice, hunting, trapping. Then the Crimson Snow Killer came. Took the life of my father and my brother, left no trace except the red snow, nothing for us to bury. I tracked it, a yeti the size of an Ogre, with teeth like dwarven steel. I killed it. Shot it down like a dog while it ran bleeding in the snow.  That earned me recognition and I joined the army some years later. Kept us fed, kept us out of trouble. Then orders came from the commanders, we were to rendezvous with another unit and punch through an enemy line. It seemed fishy, but orders were orders. It was a trap. A few of my squadmates were nobles, and one of the commanders had a blood oath, ancient history, no one even thought twice about it. Hobgoblins slammed into our west flank while goblin snipers picked us off. I should have died there. Almost did. The commander fled to the Underdark, while his clan petitions the church to recognize the sacred oath as righteous vengeance. I’ll show him vengeance one day, but expeditions to the Underdark are dangerous, expensive. I’ll need a lot of money.

Note: The mistake Tema made was dismissing a strange noise right before the attack. Thought it was nothing, but has realized in retrospect it was the Hobgoblin Commander giving orders to his men.



Pip Scraps: Rock Gnome, Pirate, Rogue Thief
Age: 17 years, Height: 3′ Weight:75 lbs Eyes:Purple Skin: Weatherworn  Hair:short n brown

Personality Traits: My friends know they can rely on me, no matter the trouble
Ideals: The sea is freedom, and the sea is wherever I am
Bonds: I’m loyal to Captain Nightsilver first and foremost
Flaws: Pride burned me once, and it will likely do so again

The name’s Pip Scraps, on account of me being found in the scraps box when I was little. Ol’ Geoffrey doesn’t know how I got in there, but he figured it had to have been at Port Roger’s. Captain Nightsilver officially made me a part of his crew right then and there. The Iron Whale was a fine vessel let me tell you, it smashed waves like an ogre through a treehouse. Captain even told me it could sail underwater, but I never saw that myself. Sure, the Nightsilver crew has bad reputation, people call us pirates and ne’er-do-wells, but that ain’t exactly the truth of it you know. We were salvage specialists, the Whale could dredge up sunken ships faster than Ol’ Geoffrey could polish off an ale, and trust me that man drank enough to put Moradin himself to shame. Now, upon occasion some Navy or another would claim we were trespassin, like you can lay claim to the seas bunch of idiots. But we never started no  fights. Well, unless you count bar fights, but there is no better way to get to know a town than to brawl in the bar with some locals. Tells you everything you need to know. Course, some brawls are nastier than others. There was a group of local toughs that went around insultin the Captain and we had to correct them, but it wasn’t like we killed them or anythin. Why ain’t I still with the crew? Well, we got separated. There was a salvage out near Melora’s Teeth, ancient vessel, possibly sank some five hundred years ago. Turns out though that some merfolk had turned it into a temple, and they didn’t take kindly to our tryin to dredge it up to explore. All them tales of kindly merfolk? Goblin spit. They’re a vicious lot. Called up a storm that tore the whale straight in half. Ten years of helpin keep that giant iron behemoth afloat and sailin and they tore it in half. That was about three years ago, washed up on the coast a ways south and had a problem. I knew the rest of the crew survived, they’re tougher than dragon hide, but they could of ended up anywhere. I washed up on the wrong continent after all. Then I remembered what the captain told me. He said “Pip, I don’t care where you are, you make enough racket and I’ll come runnin. Whether to box your ears or save your skin I’ll decide when I get there, but I’ll come runnin.” So I decided to make a big ol’ fuss. Hero of a Kingdom, maybe even a pardon for the Captain and the others when they get here. Ha, They’ll sure be surprised by lil’ Pip then.


Rain Clanless: Wildhunt Shifter, Outlander (Tribal Nomad), Rogue Thief
Age: 15 years, Height: 5’2″, Weight: 101 lbs, Eyes: Yellow , Skin: Tawny Fur,                       Hair: Mahogany hair/mane

Personality Traits: I get bored easily and seek entertainment.
Ideals: Honoring the clan is honoring the ancestors is immortality.
Bonds: Family and Clan are paramount.
Flaws: I am too enamored with ale and other pleasures of the cities.

Rain was originally part of the Swiftclaw clan, but one evening she was bored and decided to spy on a sacred ceremony preformed by the clan Shaman, Autumn Wind. Sneaking towards the glade, she saw the shaman speaking to a Great Darkness, with blood red eyes and fetid teeth, nothing like the Guardian Spirit of the clan. The Darkness saw her and cried challenge, she attempted to flee but the Shaman’s magic enveloped her. He took her in front of the tribe, claimed her spying had angered the spirits, and branded her a clanless outcast. Hunted and forced from her native lands Rain found herself in the human city of Durat and wandered its streets. She took what she needed to survive and one evening ended up in a tavern where a friendly dwarf offered to share his drink. He called it ale and Rain found she quite enjoyed it, as well as the several tankards which followed. Of course, to continue enjoying this drink she needed coin, and while she reasoned she could take enough to get by, it was best to have a pack to run with, in case things went awry.


Sora Blackscale: Black Dragonborn, Spy,  Rogue Assassin
Age: 41 years, Height:4’11 ¾” Weight: 139 lbs, Eyes: Pale cream, Skin:black scales         Hair: none, crested ridge

Personality Traits: I’m constantly casing locations for valuables
Ideals: I will be remembered as a legend
Bonds: Money
Flaws: I’m only in it for the money, and I have no qualms about who I steal from

Sora has one love in life: Gold. Blame it on a poor upbringing, blame it on draconic blood, blame it on the phase of the moon. Doesn’t matter, nothing sounds sweeter to him that the jingle of a fat purse and no sight more beautiful than a chest of gold. But Sora is so much more than a simple thief. After all, a few months in the City of Drosta quickly proved that picking pockets is as likely to result in copper and beating than silver and gold. No, Sora found something much better. Secrets. Spies are paid in gold coin, and good spies can get paid many times over for a single job. Of course, greedy spies can make enemies very quickly so Sora stays on the move, going from one place to the next looking for his next big score.


Bronson Darkpick: Mountain Dwarf, Charlatan , Great Old Tome Warlock
Age: 98 years, Height: 4’6”, Weight: 151 lbs, Eyes:Grey Skin: Pale  Hair: Braided Brown

Personality Traits: I take great pains to always look my best, my exceptional status must be noted
Ideals: I will do whatever it takes to become wealthy and powerful
Bonds: Dark Mistress
Flaws: I’m always in debt, spending coin in decadence til it slips through my fingers like water

Bronson was a miner, born to a miner, and in all likelihood his son would have grown up to be a miner. Generations of tunneling through rock to line the pockets of the elite and enrich far-off kings. Bronson never realized how much he despised such a mundane life until his crew stumbled upon a sealed chamber, deep beneath the earth. Bronson doesn’t remember much of what happened next, there were whispering voices in the dark, promises of wealth and status beyond his wildest dreams, and gleaming, scarlet-stained teeth. When he left, alone, Bronson carried with him a tome, bound in black ivory, and new-found knowledge. Knowledge of the mind and how to change it, and also knowledge of three more tomes, bound in hide, in iron, and in stone which his Mistress wishes him to collect. Then she will raise him as a lord above all his kin.

False Identity: No longer happy with his true identity Bronson has created another. He now presents himself as Duke Bronson Ravenway of Helmshold. The Heir of the most ancient stronghold who has unfortunately fallen out of favor with the current power structure of the Dwarven Nobility.


Húnd: Stout Halfling, Folk Hero, Fey Blade Warlock
Age: 20 years Height:2’6″ Weight:35 lbs Eyes:Emerald Skin:Snow White  Hair: Raven Black

Personality Traits: When I set my mind to something I always see it through, no matter the obstacles
Ideals: No one can steer me away from my destiny
Bonds: My lord has made me his tool, and I shall serve him faithfully
Flaws: If there’s a plan, I’ll forget it. If I don’t forget it, I’ll ignore it

I am Húnd, Third Hunter of the Erlking, Lord of the Wild Hunt, and his most loyal subject. I was given to the Erlking by my mother, in payment for her debt to him. My childhood was spent serving him and preparing to take my place amongst his host. One day, I shall be my Lord’s Right hand, and ride beside him while he hunts the souls of mortals who have broken faith and earned his wrath. Truly there could be no higher calling. My people know this, when the Erlking sent me from the Feywild to walk the mortal lands I was hailed as a hero, one who shall dispense justice in this world. At my Lord’s command I shall hunt the Unfaithful and Unnatural, those whose will and prescence is naught but a blight upon the lands.


Natalie Dumein : Human, Noble, Infernal Blade Warlock
Age: 20 years, Height: 5’5″ Weight: 145 lbs, Eyes: Brown, Skin: Tanned Hair: Long Brown

Personality Traits: I judge people by their actions, not words.
Ideals: Chains are meant to be broken.
Bonds: Her Demonic Patron
Flaws: Don’t expect me to save those who won’t fight for themselves.

Natali was not born into the nobility, her family was poor and struggled through life working the lands around the Dumein estate. However, they believed their fortunes greatly changed when their daughter caught the eye of the young lord of the eccentric family. Taken to the manor and trained in the arts of nobility, including proper dancing, swordplay and manners, Natali eagerly awaited her wedding and the prosperity she could bring to her family. Immediately after the ceremony though, the family revealed its true intent. Long ago their ancestors had captured a dark being of great power, sealing it within a dark and twisted tree on the estate. It would give them prosperity as long as they sacrificed a noblewoman to it every decade, but if the blood of the family was ever offered its service was over. She was not truly of the blood, but her marriage made her a noble and she would appease the beasts hunger. Natali fought back, grabbing her husband’s blade and running him through. As the blood soaked into the tree everything went black. When Natali awoke she saw a great oozing shape tearing the Dumein family apart, but when it turned to her it instead offered a deal. When the family had it imprisoned it, they had stolen its many golden eyes and sold them across the world. If she wished to live, and not see it rampage through the village to kill the peasants, she would serve it and find it’s 1,000 eyes. She agreed, the rapier in her hand turned an inky black and her hand burned with the pact seal. Her master settled into the manor, keeping up the pretense that the Dumein still ruled and Natali set forth desperate to find someway to escape her new fate, but also gathering the eyes as promised, lest the beast wreck vengeance upon her home and it’s people.

At the time the adventure starts, Natali will have found 5 of the eyes, and her quest would have been going on for 4.5 years. Two of the eyes have been returned to the demon, while the remaining three are on her person. The eyes are orbs of pure gold, about the size of a baseball, with a streak of onyx buried within to act as the pupil.


Osborne Perrin Roscoe Tealeaf III: Stout Halfling, Hermit, Divination Wizard
Age: 80 years, Height: 3’4″ Weight: 100 lbs, Eyes:Watery Grey and Glasses Skin: Pale ,  Hair: Balding Grey hair and Beard

Personality Traits: I often become enamored in intellectual pursuits, mental exercises, which lead me to not always pay the utmost attention
Ideals: Curiosity , questions, the seeking of the unknown to quantify it, these are the highest ideals
Bonds: My research has shown me troubling, very troubling, signs of an approaching cataclysm
Flaws: Sometimes I forget social niceties and speak my mind when I should not

Osborne Perrin Roscoe Tealeaf the Third, who only occasionally suffers his full title to be shortened to the easier said “Ozzy”, took his Grandfather’s fortune, which he inherited after the passing of his Grandfather Osborne Perrin Roscoe Tealeaf to the unfortunate circumstance of a rampaging Ettin, to fund his research into the arcane art of Divination. After many years of seclusion, to heighten the “oneness” of time which allows one to peer into the past and future as if they were the present, he began to see disturbing patterns. After a short while, somewhere around a decade, Osborne was able to trace the pattern and received a vision of a terrible, monstrous beast slumbering beneath the earth, a beast which would awaken once more and devastate the civilized lands. Desperate to learn more Osborne made a trip for supplies, only to learn that his funding had run dry (and that his beard had grown quite stinky), so gathering the necessary notes and tools and cleaning his beard, Osborne set off in search of further funding, casting a divination to find the most profitable endeavor for him to pursue.


Robin : Human, Entertainer (Dancer), Evoker Wizard
Age: 18 years, Height: 5’4” Weight:152 lbs Eyes: Burgundy Skin: Bronze-tone,  Hair: Short

Personality Traits: Robin flickers and dances, flitting between emotions like sparks on the wind
Ideals: Robin admires beauty, and wants to spread that beauty and happiness
Bonds: Fire
Flaws: Despite Robin’s best efforts Robin is unreliable, Robin is too easily distracted

Robin’s first memory of this world was beautiful dancing flames. Often when stressed, Robin will simply think back to that beautiful panorama. Robin’s master diagnosed Robin as a “Pyro” and tried carefully guiding Robin in the art of magic and flame. It took Robin a while to learn control, but when Robin realized Robin could call fire around Robin without burning, Robin became a much more apt student. Now Robin travels, to learn and to teach. People seem to think fire is only dangerous, Robin’s shows prove that fire is also beautiful beyond compare and help other people appreciate the fire like Robin does.


Glim “Ashhearth” Orryn Raulnor: Rock Gnome, Criminal (Burglar), Transmutation Wizard
Age: 132 years, Height: 3’1” Weight: 62 lbs, Eyes: Different Colors, Skin: Pale and Burnt ,  Hair: Short Red

Personality Traits: When I enter a room I always try and figure out where the valuables are hidden
Ideals: Knowledge is power over life and death and knowledge costs gold and silver
Bonds: Power
Flaws: I turn tail and run when the going gets bad

Glim entered the Wizard’s Academy in Westrun at the insistence of his mother. He didn’t care about magic, or work, but he enrolled all the same. His life was changed however in his first class, a professor demonstrated high-level transmutation, turning a rock into a diamond, dirt into dust dust, and hide into silk. That demonstration wormed into Glim’s mind, planting a seed that grew as he studied and struggled to obtain the expensive components needed for his homework. The world was mutable, changeable, into anything a powerful wizard desired. Ancient tomes even spoke of wizards who had defied reality and death itself with their arts, rewritten the world to suit them. Glim was obsessed with gaining that sort of power. However, money was a constant problem, until quite suddenly a simple solution presented itself. He alchemically changed stone into cloth, and realized that entering a residence was as easy as finding a quiet corner and cutting stone with his knife. The academy was surprised as this struggling student seemed to come into a large sum of money, but figured he had secretly gone adventuring. It was only as reports of strange, magical break-ins surfaced that they grew suspicious and investigated. Glim fled Westrun, taking with him only what he could quickly carry, but his ambitions never changed. He was going to remake the world into his paradise, where he would have all the power and wealth he could ever need. He just needed the knowledge first.

Hello Once More

2 thoughts on “Hello Once More

  1. Crafting adventures can be involved work! I too will be game mastering in June, but at my state’s little omni-geek convention, Portcon. It’s nothing compared to Origins I’m sure with less than 4,000 attendees total, but it’s a lot of fun and people know each other.

    I’m running four, four hour “show-up and sit in” RPG games… each different and all original or highly modified. Lots of work, but worth it for a great event!

    I hope you have a great time at Origins!


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