Still Here

Sorry for the long delay in updates, the holiday season is much more vicious to my schedule than I expected. Car broke down on Christmas Eve, running all around shopping and helping people, lot to do. I never forgot the blog, just kept having to shunt it to one side.

Don’t have anything great to post at the moment. The LARP took a lot of time and energy and along with wrapping up three different games I haven’t been putting a lot of pen to paper over the holiday break.

Here soon I am going to resume working on “The Brass Button”, which is an idea I’ve been toying with for some years about an item shop in a Fantasy world. What does it take to craft healing potions or universal antidotes? Can you rely on adventurers to gather all your supplies or must you leave the shop upon occasion to forage for yourself. There is the potential for a lot of interesting story here, but I need to get the world and the characters established and progressing before I can start posting anything more concrete.

On the gaming front I’m on a semi-break. All the college games are off until mid-January, giving me time to try and figure out what should happen next in the game I’m running. Last time we met my superhero cops ran into a… rather large crocodile. I think comparison-wise it’s head (which was the only part they saw) was about the size of a two-story house and longer than an 18 wheeler. They defeated it, and much rejoicing was had, but I ended the session there to build suspense for this next meeting. Then I’m trying to run a DnD game for some friends, this used to be the Cold Steel Wardens group, and things are progressing slowly due to the fact we started in the middle of the holiday season.


As a final note, New Year’s resolutions, the promises we all know we’re going to break. I don’t make them because I hate making promises if I don’t think I can keep them. However, I think this might be the year I get something written and finished, I think I can do it if I focus and surprisingly I think I’m getting well positioned for focusing on that sort of project. I also want to do more with this blog, and with the internet in general.


Anyways, that’s all from me. Happy New Years and hopefully 2016 is amazing.

Still Here

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