LARP semi-finalized

I’m so sorry for going dark for the last 2 weeks. Last weekend I was staying at my Grandmother’s and did not have great internet access and then this week has simply been disastrously stressful. I finished the LARP characters I’ve been telling you guys about, but I had so many people cancel last minute that it has been a real juggling act.

It starts in 1 hr and I’m not fully finished, so I’ll copy and paste the character write-ups here, and if anything interesting occurs I’ll talk about it next week. A note, some characters are blank, because their players backed out before I finished typing them, so I didn’t bother typing them up yet.


Yoon Gim

Born poor in America’s slums, Yoon was constantly told he could be anything or anyone he wanted to be. He took this advice more literally than most.

Over the years he has posed as struggling artistic geniuses, banking executives, wealthy aristocrats, and many, many other things. Yoon views himself as a social entrepreneur, most others would call him a con artist. He met O’Murchaidha at a party seven years ago, the old fox ID’d him as a con artist, but decided to occasionally buy Yoon’s services instead of turning him in. You’re a bit sad to see the old coot go, though more so because of the lucrative and interesting jobs he hired you for than any personal connection.

You’ve actually been hired for a job during this party as well. O’Murchaidha has hired you to assume the identity of Eric Litwin, media mogul, seek out Miss Evelynn Stryker and hand her a rose. Can’t be that simple, O’Murchaidha once hired you for a “simple land deal” that involved three African warlords and a Blood Diamond mine. Whoever this “Stryker” is (clearly a false identity), she’s either dangerous, wanted, or has a jealous husband. Probably all three. However, it’s a paycheck of 1 mil, so who cares.

With all the fools wandering the party you could probably get another 7 mil, if you play your cards right, maybe a sob story here and a few “priceless masterpieces” there to make the night more lucrative. Perhaps you’ll you even retire after this.

Of course, then you get to the party and see Andrew Durand, that’s going to make life more difficult. Last time he saw you, you were the struggling artist Austin Rice, hopefully he doesn’t remember you, explanations are hard to come by.

Inventory: A Rose, Fake Art (prints and such), $500,000 cash on hand

Net worth: 10 million



Roxanna Parsons

Parsons is an MI6 agent who has always played things by the book. Sure, occasionally things go awry, but you go in with a plan, dot your i’s and make sure the lawyers can’t tear you apart. As an MI6 attache to Interpol your job is to serve your country by taking down international criminals, gathering intel through infiltration and deceit, then dragging them howling and clawing into cages like the animals they are.

O’Murchaidha has been an asset for many years, passing along criminal details to the department. Of course, the old pervert refused to meet with any other agent, it was always you, in person.

So, of course, he invited you to this event, and made it so you couldn’t refuse by hinting he’d also invited a major target. The shadowy figure behind the Indian Slave ring you’ve been pursuing for years. Supposedly he’s looking to set up trade with the infamous Boliviar drug ring. You and your partner Emíl, the lazy bastard, will have to shadow the Boliviars. Emíl will probably focus on Lilliana, but at least that means he’ll mostly stay out of trouble, after all he isn’t stupid enough to try and steal away a drug lord’s wife right?

Once you’ve ID’d the slaver the office wants you to buy a shipment under your cover, a corrupt officer taking bribes from some wealthy Saudi prince to “acquire product” for his estates. You’ll have to be careful though, warrants don’t come thru until midnight tonight and if you spook them you’ll never catch them again.

Inventory: $500,000 cash on hand (burea money), badge

Net worth: $750,000



Rajani Narang

Lady Narang was forced into an arranged marriage early in her life. Luckily, her Lord Husband fell victim to a terrible “accident” only a few years later, leaving the young Rajani as his sole inheritor, an odd move to say the least. To the public Lady Narang is a vapid noblewoman, exploited by her servants and her own expensive tastes. She’s been very careful to maintain that mask, in case her criminal empire is every exposed. After all, who would suspect her of being a criminal mastermind?

Of course, it’s too much fun manipulating all these foolish people to allow someone else to finish any deals, and O’Murchaidha’s party came just as you came into an upswell of “cheap labor”. Selling them off should allow you to afford not only Guiomar’s new drug line, but also the latest fashions from France, America and India. Perhaps you’ll even acquire a few baubles from some painter or sculpture. Really, life is truly good for those with the means to maintain themselves.

Inventory: 650 people worth between $1,000 and $10,000 each, 1 million cash on hand,

Net worth: 300 million



Evelynn Stryker

Some people who end up in the U.S. foster care system are quickly adopted into wonderful families. Evelynn’s story is the other kind, bouncing from house to house, family to family, from age six on Evelynn knew she was the only one she could rely on. Luckily, with her juvie records sealed when she turned 18 and aged out of the system she was able to turn her life around. However, despite becoming a self-made woman with a decent job and a good life, Evelynn was always curious about her parents. When, after many private investigators, she discovered her father was the infamous John O’Murchaidha she was enraged.

“Dear old Dad” had had a fling with a poor young flight hostess, and abandoned his flesh-and-blood daughter to the whims of an uncaring system after her mother succumbed to illness. Evelynn confronted the bastard with too much evidence to be denied and demanded something for her unnecessary suffering as a child. “Dad’s” offer was more than she bargained for, half of his immense fortune, full control of a majority of his legitimate businesses, more money status and power than most people could ever dream of achieving. The ability to fully expunge her records from the system, and not worry about the specter of his past ruining her future.

But first, she’d have to prove herself capable. He’d provide her with a fake ID and a small amount of cash. You in turn would take this money and during the party acquire cash and acquisitions worth a total of three times that amount. Without revealing her true identity or the possibility of her future wealth.

Your new ID is Michelle Stone, a struggling heiress from England. “Dear old Dad” also warned you about a man named Eric Litwin, said he was a very dangerous individual and to avoid him if possible. You don’t question why O’Murchaidha would invite someone like that to his party, “Dad” is just that sort of man, and while you could take the money and run… why not milk him for what he’s worth?

Inventory: $500,000 cash on hand

Net worth: $200,000 (current), 10 billion (inheritance)



Andrew Durand

Andrew Durand is a simple man with simple goals. As the Head Banker of the Western European arm of the Swedish National Bank, Durand deals with large numbers and the opening and closing of accounts followed by relaxing evenings on the golf course or at home with his wife. The last few years have been.. picturesque. Then O’Murchaidha had to go causing trouble again.

If there is anyone the generally affable Durand could be said to dislike, it is John O’Murchaidha, with his penchant for causing trouble and chaos in an otherwise orderly system. With O’Murchaidha’s retirement he plans to pull all of his considerable wealth from the bank accounts held by the Swedish bank and, as his main point of contact, you are getting blamed for this mess.

You tried to talk the old man out of making such a rash move, once you knew about it, but he refused to listen to reason. There’s even now talk of you being “transferred” over this debacle. Still, there is hope. O’Murchaidha’s party will be full of the rich and famous, surely some of them could be convinced of setting up secure private accounts, and if you bring in enough new customers to counter O’Murchaidha’s loss, then the higher-ups will have nothing to complain about.

This might also be a good time to expand your private art collection as well, as O’Murchaidha’s parties are notorious for their back room auctions and dealings. And as luck would have it, you arrive to see the artist Austin Rice in attendance, looking much better than the last time you crossed paths, your donations must have helped get his artwork noticed by the larger community.

Inventory:Bank Access, 1 million cash on hand

Sign as much as you can



Emíl Lupei

Emíl is an agent with style, unlike his poor partner Roxy. He knows that a successful agent is laid back, cool, suave, not a stickler for rules or regulations. Honestly, she needs to loosen up a bit. Of course, she’s had it rough pursuing this Indian Slave Ring, just can’t seem to pin the mastermind. Of course, just as it always does in the movies, fate has offered an opportunity. Seems like the slaver has an itch, an itch that can only be scratched by the infamous Bolíviar drug cartel.

The good news is that Interpol has Guiomar Bolíviar under surveillance and he’ll be at O’Murchaidha’s party (which you’ve been invited to through Roxy, since O’Murchaidha is one of her informants). The better news is that his lovely wife Lilliana will be with him, and she’s a perfect in for an irresistible special agent to flip.

If you can figure out the slaver’s identity then Roxy will make the arrest. You then can either bring in both Bolíviars for drug trafficking or perhaps turn the wife on the husband, get the entire cartel in one swoop. That’d be a nice feather in your cap.

What’d be even better is getting Roxy to loosen up, maybe have a little fun, splurge a little of the department’s money, meet a guy. That’s how it’d go in the autobiographical movie, take down the cartel, turn the beautiful femme fatale and hook his partner up with the man of her dreams. Fade to black and roll credits.

Inventory: $500,000 (burea money) cash on hand, badge

Net worth: $750,000



Patrick MacDougall

The MacDougall family has a long history with the Irish Republic Army (IRA). Patrick’s grandfather was a member of the original IRA in the 1920’s, and his mother rejected the peace brokered by the Official IRA in the 1970’s. However, with  their support drying up Pat decided to fund a New IRA movement with the sale of weapons on the Black Market, under the name of Trí Dé Dána. The Trí Dé Dána were the three gods of craft in traditional Irish Mythology.

After building a sizable income from rifles and self-made explosive devices, Patrick expanded his operation. He put our feelers looking for chemicals, biological agents, missiles, rocket launchers. That’s how he came to the attention of O’Murchaidha. As a Black Market facilitator he demanded a reasonable cut of the profits to place buyers and sellers together and together you made each other quite wealthy.

Today is potentially your last sale, if you can move everything in your stock you will finally have the capital to start the New IRA. Of course, buyers for Arsenic and long-range missiles don’t necessarily grow on trees, even at O’Murchaidha’s parties. You can try and persuade someone, but, perhaps, they don’t need to know what they are purchasing exactly. After all, in a world freaked out by terrorism, no wealthy business owner is going to admit to purchasing Arsenic and all you need is to finish getting the capitol together so your family can continue fighting to free your country.

Inventory: 1,000 Assault Rifles with a drum of ammo each (each worth about $500), 15 ounces of Arsenic (worth about 12,000 each), 20 high explosives ($10,000 each), $300,000 cash on hand

Net worth: 5 million



Maria Vascillica

Working for the CIA is a pretty sweet gig, especially in the Age of Terrorism. Claim a terrorist plot, or a NSA lead and you can pull almost any resources. Need to set-up in a five-star hotel to monitor the marks activities? Go to a fancy restaurant? Best clothes, best cars? None of it is an issue as long as you reveal a plot or drag in a suspect upon occasion. To make it even better, you’ve never seen any honor among thieves. One group or another will always be happy to pay you to focus on their rivals instead of them.

And all of it is about to come crashing down. O’Murchaidha was invaluable to your operation, no morals and intimately connected to all the biggest organizations. He cut you off at a very sensitive part of an investigation, and it dropped. Now with your intel dried up, and your supply of “recreational chemicals” following close behind, your work is suffering and your bosses are beginning to question your dedication to the bureau. You need a big break to keep the pressure off long enough to get another contact and O’Murchaidha’s retirement is your last chance.

You know the arms dealer Trí Dé Dána is often at these events somewhere. Chemicals weapons and missiles are big targets and sure to appease the stuffed suits. ID them and then send in for a warrant, it should be in by midnight if you move quick enough. You could also find a new supplier for yourself and some friends back home for the “recreational chemicals” they want. You just have to make sure that stick Parson’s doesn’t catch wind of any of this, she’s sure to bust you and a charge from Interpol would be quite damaging. Her partner seems like he might be more amenable though if something went south.

Of course, as you are about to leave, O’Murchaidha requested you for “security” at the event, your boss stuck you with the naive newbie, Michelle Thacker, fresh from “The Farm”. Worse yet,she’s a sickening idealist and believes you really are sweeping the place for bugs. Best to keep her distracted and out of the way, can’t have her exposing you either.

Inventory: $750,000 cash on hand, badge

Net worth: 4 million



Guiomar Boliviar

Growing up in South America is a very educational experience. You learn a lot about human nature, modern warfare and botany. Guiomar was nothing if not a scholar of these lessons, learning quickly and greatly. Unfortunately, knowledge does not always translate to disposition. Guiomar always felt more comfortable in the background or behind a desk, manipulating others and running the financial side of his drug empire.

Luckily, his love Lilliana has always been more… “hands on” and keeps not only the riff-raff in line but secures new connections and buyers. Without her it is likely the entire thing would collapse inward as various lieutenants tried to exert control.

Life is good, but not perfect. You are honestly feeling a little insecure. The last few years have been too quiet, no agents sniffing around, no raids on supply lines or plantations, nothing. Perhaps it has simply been a peaceful year or two, or perhaps they’ve got a mole on the inside. You brought up the possibility to your love, but she thinks you are simply worrying too much.

Still, you’ve begun rearranging the business, quietly, on the side. All you really need to do is move the bank accounts somewhere secure where they won’t be accessible to any outside group.

Then there is the small matter of the bug you’ve given to your wife to record any private discussions. It isn’t Lilliana you distrust, it is those sleazy men whose morals are in question. This is just insurance in case someone takes advantage of her kinder side. However, if she ever found out she’d probably feed you to a tank of piranhas… slowly.

Shared with Lilliana (AKA Amber)

Inventory: Green (Sample cost $600, steady supply for a month is $25,000 for one person) , Yellow (sample cost $500, steady supply for month is $20,000 for one person), and Orange (sample cost $800,steady supply for a month is $32,000 for one person) drug lines, enough for each line to be distributed to 10 people, 1.5 million Cash on Hand

Net worth: 100 million


Lilliana Boliviar

Lillianna learned at a young age that the world is not a place for the weak. The weak are taken by the strong, consumed, forced to work for them. The only solution is to become strong and ruthless. You lived your life with this belief, you survived, until you met Guiomar. He was ruthless to be sure, but to you he was kind. You fell in love, then realized he was a weak man, worrying and constantly fretting.

So you took on the face operations for the drug empire, keeping the transport lines clear and the lesser members in line. Things are never perfect though. Your last two weapon shipments never showed up. You took retribution on the people responsible of course, but now you are in need of a reliable gun supplier.

You haven’t told Guiomar yet, he’d just worry and think it is some plot by the Law. He’s convinced they’ve got you all in a trap, but you know these people. If they want you they descend with a fury, they have bigger fish in mind. Give them the big fish and they’ll be satisfied, as long as you extract promises to play nice from them as well.

Besides, tonight is going to be a great night. O’Murchaidha’s friends always enjoy the samples and your new strain is very effective, they’ll buy you out with any luck. Also, you’ve heard that the arms dealer Trí Dé Dána will be in attendance, and they are supposed to be one of the best in the market.

Your only worry is Guiomar, he isn’t used to events such as these, surrounded by pretty and “free” young women. He could slip up, reveal too much of your operations or end up in a compromised position. What to do?

Shared with Guiomar (AKA Sterling)

Inventory: Green (Sample cost $600, steady supply for a month is $25,000 for one person) , Yellow (sample cost $500, steady supply for month is $20,000 for one person), and Orange (sample cost $800,steady supply for a month is $32,000 for one person) drug lines, enough for each line to be distributed to 10 people, 1.5 million Cash on Hand, pin given to you by Guiomar

Net worth: 100 million



Riley Jun

Potentially not present do to switching to Evelynn Striker


Michelle Thacker

The CIA, protecting the world from dangerous criminals, rogue nations and insane terrorists. you’ve dreamed of joining their illustrious ranks for years. Finally, you passed the tests and became a full-fledged agent. You’ve bounced around different departments for the last few months, but now you’re coming into your big break. Agent Maria Vassilica’s partner was hospitalized right before a routine protection mission.Well, maybe not so routine, the famous billionaire Mr. O’Murchaidha asked for Ms. Vassilica to run a bug sweeper and protection detail.

Agent Maria has a big reputation in the bureau, she’s brought in many high profile criminals, taken down serious organizations almost single-handedly and is constantly abroad working new cases. Impress her and maybe, just maybe, she’ll open a door or two to a more permanent assignment. Maybe even a placement in Eastern Europe, where some of the real action will be happening soon.

You also have a few personal items to attend to. Your uncle is rather fortunate to own a small business that has done quite well and he has asked you if you could acquire any items for his personal collection. He’s heard O’Murchaidha’s parties often have… personal auctions. It isn’t entirely on the up and up, but you don’t think it would interfere with your duties to acquire a few items.

Looking around, one person stands out. He claims to be Eric Litwin, media mogul, but something about him looks familiar, and suspicious.

Inventory: $500,000 (bureau Money) Cash on Hand, Bug Sweeper,

Net worth: $850,000


Samantha Falkenrath

Probably no longer applicable


Rana Sha’hid

They say art comes from pain, that artists work reflect the world as they see it. If that were completely true your last six sculptures would be entitled “Yet Another Rejection Letter” or “No Openings at the Gallery”. Still when your work is actually seen by the public it is well received, so you don’t have to complain too much, it just helps with the frustration.

Then your big break came in the mail. An invitation to John O’Murchaidha’s retirement party. A personal invitation to the last hurrah of a well known art lover, attended by other art lovers. You have no idea where someone like O’Murchaidha would have heard of your work, but honestly who cares. The important thing is getting your work in the hands of wealthy art lovers, and being charming so when their wealthy critic friends ask them about you, you’ll have been “charming”.

You can do this, sure you can, even though this is probably going to be the single most important day of your life and you have no idea how to act at parties of this magnitude, but its more than you could have ever hoped for. The only thing better would be if another artist were in attendance and able to give you some advice, help calm your nerves a little.

Inventory: various art pieces, price is whatever people are willing to spend, $300,000 cash on hand

Net worth: $950,000


Jack Winters

Will write if it becomes necessary


Amal Rajat

Your family has lived and owned land in Iraq since before PErsia lost to Greece in Marathon. It has not always been easy, far from it, but your mountain home was a stronghold and your family’s wealth helped ensure they could weather many a storm. Now things are dire.

Your father was not a frugal man and stretched the family fortune beyond its limits, then the Age of Terrorism began and your flagging wealth took an even steeper decline as you bribed countless militia and government agents to protect your lands.

However, the Rajat always find a way. A nearby explosion disturbed some ancient caves, revealing untapped veins of precious metals. If you play this correctly you could maintain your standing until this whole mess subsides.

What you need is either a partner to supply the capital you need to begin mining or a cheaper labor force than what is available back home. O’Murchaidha’s friends often have very deep pockets and you’re sure a deal could be struck with someone, they might even be able to connect you with someone with other things you need. For example, your personal guard is armed, but you could use money to purchase better weapons and protective gear for them.

Seeking assistance galls you, but something must be done, even if you must sell the new mine itself to ensure your family’s continued presence on their lands.

Inventory: deed to mine worth $10 million, $1.5 million cash on hand

Need $7 million from partners or mine in working operation with at least 200 workers and 100 weapons for guards.

Net worth: 300 million


Justine Achterberg

Your father taught you that the most important thing in the world is who you know. You think you’ve improved upon that philosophy with the realization that it isn’t just who you know, but what you know about them and how you use it. That’s why you joined the Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS), working your way into a sizable, personal web of blackmailed contacts, private investigators, and clueless lackeys. You live comfortably, but you could always end up better off and you think you have something to facilitate that now.

Some years ago you learned that John O’Murchaidha, billionaire and womanizer had a few illegitimate children he was trying to keep under wraps and unaware of their connection to him. He was amiable to keeping you in good standing in return for your discretion, but now you hear that one of them has approached O’Murchaidha. A Ms. Evelynn Stryker, who O’Murchaidha invited to his party as a test of some sort. If you can get to her she could be very useful, and with her rough childhood in the U.S. Foster care system and a checkered legal past she is sure to not want revealed, especially if she inherits her father’s prodigious fortune, you are sure the two of you can come to some sort of arrangement. Perhaps help her, offer protection from the jackals that will begin circling her.

Of course, if approached incorrectly she could also become a formidable opponent and turn that newly acquired fortune against you. A challenge worthy of you to be sure.

Inventory: badge, $750,000 cash on hand

Net worth: 2 million


Fred Katz

Will write up if necessary


LARP semi-finalized

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