Some Rough LARP Characters

First things first, anybody from the Wittenberg roleplaying guild who is reading this and planning on participating in the December 12th 2015 LARP, stop reading now. I do not want people to see this and learn secrets they are not meant to know, as that will ruin the game.

All gone? Good.

Writing LARP characters is hard, really hard, and I’m running really short on time. Luckily with the Holidays coming up and finally having enough people participating to feel like I know what is going on, I’m going to be making good progress.

The hardest part isn’t really the characters, its connecting enough of them together to keep a game interesting for 6 hours, and giving them actual resources to use. If I make things too easy, they’ll all be done and just standing around with nothing to do, if I make it too hard they’ll be standing around with nothing to do the entire night.

I’ve got three rough drafts to date, and hopefully more will be finished soon.

Yoon Gim

Born poor in America’s slums, Yoon was constantly told he could be anything or anyone he wanted to be. He took this advice more literally than most.

Over the years he has posed as struggling artistic geniuses, banking executives, wealthy aristocrats, and many, many other things. Yoon views himself as a social entrepreneur, most others would call him a con artist. He met O’Murchaidha at a party seven years ago, the old fox id’d him as a con artist, but decided to occasionally by Yoon’s services instead of turning him in. You’re a bit sad to see the old coot go, though more so because of the lucrative and interesting jobs he hired you for than any personal connection.

You’ve actually been hired for a job during this party as well. O’Murchaidha has hired you to assume the identity of Eric Litwin, media mogul, seek out Miss Evelynn Stryker and hand her a rose. Can’t be that simple, O’Murchaidha once hired you for a “simple land deal” that involved three African warlords and a Blood Diamond mine. Whoever this “Stryker” is (clearly a false identity), she’s either dangerous, wanted, or has a jealous husband. Probably all three. However, it’s a paycheck of 10 mil, so who cares.

With all the fools wandering the party you could probably get another 20 mil, if you play your cards right, maybe a sob story here and a few “priceless masterpieces” there to make the night more lucrative. Perhaps you’ll you even retire after this.

Of course, then you get to the party and see (insert name here), that’s going to make life more difficult.


Roxanna Parsons

Parsons is an MI6 agent who has always played things by the book. Sure, occasionally things go awry, but you go in with a plan, dot your i’s and make sure the lawyers can’t tear you apart. As an MI6 attache to Interpol your job is to serve your country by taking down international criminals, gathering intel through infiltration and deceit, then dragging them howling and clawing into cages like the animals they are.

O’Murchaidha has been an asset for many years, passing along criminal details to the department. Of course, the old pervert refused to meet with any other agent, it was always you, in person.

So, of course, he invited you to this event, and made it so you couldn’t refuse by hinting he’d also invited a major target. The shadowy figure behind the Indian Slave ring you’ve been pursuing for years. Supposedly he’s looking to set up trade with the infamous Boliviar drug ring. You and your partner Emil, the lazy bastard, will have to shadow the Boliviars. Emil will probably focus on Lilliana, but at least that means he’ll mostly stay out of trouble, after all he isn’t stupid enough to try and steal away a drug lord’s wife, right?

Once you’ve id’d the slaver the office wants you to buy a shipment under your cover, a corrupt officer taking bribes from some wealthy Saudi prince to “acquire product” for his estates.


Rajani Narang

Lady Narang was forced into an arranged marriage early in her life. Luckily her Lord Husband fell victim to a terrible “accident” only a few years later, leaving the young Rajani as his sole inheritor, an odd move to say the least. To the public Lady Narang is a vapid noblewoman, exploited by her servants and her own expensive tastes. She’s been very careful to maintain that mask, in case her criminal empire is every exposed. After all, who would suspect her of being a criminal mastermind?

Of Course, it’s too much fun manipulating all these foolish people to allow someone else to finish any deals, and O’Murchaidha’s party came just as you came into an upswell of “cheap labor”. Selling them off should allow you to afford not only Guiomar’s new drug line, but also the latest fashions from France, America and India.

Some Rough LARP Characters

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