November One-shot Draft 1

I had hoped to post this yesterday, but life got away from me.

So, the most creatively interesting thing I’ve done this week is work on DnD 5e characters for a one-shot I’ll be running November 13th as well as some small details on the actual game. It’s a bit away but I like having the time to explore it all slowly.

A note for any Wittenberg Guild members, spoilers ahead so please do not read on.

I struggled with what this game would be about, bouncing between a lot of ideas I’ve had stored about, but none of it felt right. Then interestingly enough I got the answer while listening to sea shanties on the radio.

So know I’d decided they were marooned on an island, they needed to get off, and they had been lured there with the promise of a great treasure. The treasure will be real, but the whole thing was a trap and now they are hunted by a large pack of gnolls (demonic hyena men is closest example for those not in the lingo) as well as dealing with survivors, other nasty beasts, and whatever else I come up with.

Of course, this whole set-up only works if the majority of the characters could be lured in by money, so I went to work.

Currently the six person adventuring company without a name includes

Harbeck Ungart, Hill Dwarf Soldier and Battlemaster Fighter who was a career soldier until events forced him out of the army and into the life of a wandering mercenary.

Natali Dumein, Human Noblewoman and Warlock with a Fiendish pact of the Blade who married into a noble family only to become a demonic sacrifice, who thru luck was able to save her life in return for servitude.

Keth, Orc Criminal and Oath of Vengeance Paladin who saw his crew slaughtered by a demon and swore to hunt down the one responsible for their death.

A Tiefling woman who is a cleric of Life, thinking her name should be Reverence and she’ll be a merchant for her church, which is poor and struggling.

A female Shifter, currently unnamed, who was kicked out of her pack and forced into the cities, where she discovered a great love of alcohol and other pleasures and took to stealing to afford them.

A Divination wizard and hermit, looking for money to fund research as he received a vision of a great beast slumbering beneath the earth, and about to awaken. Race is undetermined as I realized my first choice would have made the character a little too complex.

As you can see, mid-way through the process. I’ll go ahead and post Lady Dumein’s rough draft, but save the others for next week where hopefully I’ll have all six at least worked on.

Lady Natali Dumein, Human Noblewoman, Warlock, Fiend Pact, Pact of the Blade

20 years old, Mahogany hair, pale blue eyes

Ideal: Chains are meant to be broken

Bond: Her Demonic Patron

Flaw: Don’t expect me to save those who won’t fight for themselves

Personality Trait: I judge people by their actions, not their words.

Natali was not born into the nobility, her family was poor and struggled through life working the lands around the Dumein estate. However, they believed their fortunes greatly changed when their daughter caught the eye of the young lord of the eccentric family. Taken to the manor and trained in the arts of nobility, including proper dancing, swordplay and manners, Natali eagerly awaited her wedding and the prosperity she could bring to her family. Immediately after the ceremony though, the family revealed its true intent. Long ago their ancestors had captured a dark being of great power, sealing it within a dark and twisted tree on the estate. It would give them prosperity as long as they sacrificed a noblewoman to it every decade, but if the blood of the family was ever offered its service was over. She was not truly of the blood, but her marriage made her a noble and she would appease the beasts hunger. Natali fought back, grabbing her husband’s blade and running him through. As the blood soaked into the tree everything went black. When Natali awoke she saw a great oozing shape tearing the Dumein family apart, but when it turned to her it instead offered a deal. When the family had it imprisoned it, they had stolen its many golden eyes and sold them across the world. If she wished to live, and not see it rampage through the village to kill the peasants, she would serve it and find it’s 1,000 eyes. She agreed, the rapier in her hand turned an inky black and her hand burned with the pact seal. Her master settled into the manor, keeping up the pretense that the Dumein still ruled and Natali set forth desperate to find someway to escape her new fate, but also gathering the eyes as promised, lest the beast wreck vengeance upon her home and it’s people.

At the time the adventure starts, Natali will have found 5 of the eyes, and her quest would have been going on for 4.5 years. Two of the eyes have been returned to the demon, while the remaining three are on her person. The eyes are orbs of pure gold, about the size of a baseball, with a streak of onyx buried within to act as the pupil.

November One-shot Draft 1

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