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Sorry for the delay guys, and for the potentially short cut piece. I’m working as a substitute teacher these days and it’s hard to find the time for anything, especially with three RPG games (running one on Tuesday nights, one on Sundays and playing in one on Thursday nights). I am writing, slowly, but many of my projects are only getting a few pages in. I don’t want to just post a handful of paragraphs of a story to prove I’m still writing. Then again, I’ve been posting old stuff for months to give me time to write with no luck.

For today I’m going to talk about the two games I’m running, because the older piece I had for posting had a lot of odd highlights and extra text for notes and I haven’t found the clean  version yet.

So… Sundays I’m running a system called Cold Steel Wardens (I think this is the official site It was developed by my friend A. P. Klosky to emulate the Iron Age of Comics. It’s a fun dice pool system (you roll a lot of d10’s) but it is brutal. Had a guy a couple games back who tried to terrify some school children (would have killed them with fright if I had not had story reasons in the bckground) who then received full body 3rd degree burns when one of them unleashed fire into his face. This particular game is being run with my sister’s boyfriend and his friend as well as one of my regulars. The two from my sister are very new to gaming and… They just don’t get it sometimes. For example, in a world where being a vigilante is illegal one of them called the cops on themselves, almost ending the game during the second session. They are looking into a serial killer who kills during the full moon. Of course that is not the only threat.

Spoilers, all of my players stop reading now. I’ll be able to tell, so don’t.

The biggest threat in the city is a group known as the Court of Whispers. The members are generally old, wealthy and well-connected. The founders of the Court were also key members of founding Moss Point City, taking their clout and passing it down with each new generation. For example, we have a guy who is in charge of the government office which controls retail and land. He provides people with access to warehouses and abandoned homes, he also enjoys hunting people in custom built “mazes”. Another guy is the ailing ruler of a major street gang, who is desperate to finish killing 100 people with his prized knife. I also have the stupidly named “Church of the Synthacommandos”. Founded by a former SS scientist who was disillusioned with humanity in all forms, but still believed in the mission of the Third Reich to end all conflict by uniting the world under one ruler. Since people have proven corruptible he and now his son began working on creating cyborgs and turning people into machines. Currently they have created a “Nanophage” which, essentially, turns people into zombies with circuitry. They call them cogs, and will use them as the foot-soldiers, infection vectors, and menial workers in the new future. No problem that it destroys the individual, most people aren’t worth anything anyway except to be ruled and directed by the vision of “great men” (Nazis, love to hate ’em). Got more stuff, but running low on time.

My other game is also a Superhero game, using the Savage Worlds system. I’m calling it “The First Generation”. Here’s the description I sent to the Wittenberg Roleplaying guild.

10 years ago the great hero Lodestar fell fighting a terrible beast. The battle destroyed large sections of the city and created a section now known as Crater Town, a place where the laws of physics and logic don’t always apply. It also marked the beginning of what may be known as “The Age of Supers”, for in the months after the battle young children began developing superhuman abilities, at first only within the city but the effect has spread. Where before the number of people with powers might be counted on one hand, now almost 1/3 of all youth are “Supers”. You are one such group of youths, raised by a mysterious man known as Baron Grey on the outskirts of “Zero City”. He gathered you, perhaps orphaned by the loss of life that took place in the initial devastation, or in the chaos that ensued, or perhaps merely fearful of the powers awakening within you, and trained you to control them. You are a generation that will truly change the world, and the stage is filled with dangers known and unknown.

Running low on time, sorry for all this, hopefully I’ll be better put together in the coming weeks.

Current Games

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