Glossary for Dream Eater

This is the glossary page for a story linked here (hopefully). When I wrote this story I wanted to avoid common language for certain things, but realized it would be incredibly confusing without definitions. Now that I’m posting it I realized that having it on two separate pages (for easy cross tab referencing) was probably the way to go. Hope I didn’t mess it up.


Meerheim – the world of dreams occupied by spirits and creatures and where everyone goes when they fall asleep.

Meer – The mist-like substance from which everything in the Meerheim is created. It has many properties, but most interestingly, it turns into sand whenever it ends up in the mortal realm.

Meerbeast – general term used to describe a being from the Meerheim, though it usually is not used in reference to a Sanmeer because of their more human-like qualities.

Sanmeer – also known as “Sandmen”, these spirit beings are the protectors and guiders of dreams. They are also the most powerful and intelligent of the Meerbeasts. Generally benevolent, they can shape the Meer into anything they desire including weapons, armor, or barriers.

Nashmeer – also known as “Nightmares”, these beings feed off of the negative emotions and energy given off by mortal dreamers, because of this they can be hideous and violent. They can also shape the images presented to a dreamer in their Drel causing “bad dreams”.

Balmeer – polar opposites of the Nashmeer, Balmeer are sometimes referred to as “Daymares” they feed off the positive energy and emotions of mortal dreamers. This typically gives them beautiful and graceful appearances, though this makes them no less dangerous. They are what cause “good dreams”.

Drel – a “pocket dimension” that forms in the Meerheim in the presence of a sleeping mortal’s mind. It is formed from the Meer, but is under the control of the mortal. The Drel can be infinite in size, though Meerbeasts can enter and exit at will. If it is damaged similar damage can occur to the dreamer’s psyche.

Nocenka – also called “Dream Eaters” these beings terrorized the Meerheim many years ago. They were able to devour the Meer directly harming and even killing an unknown number of beings.

Glossary for Dream Eater

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