Final day and final poem. Hope everyone has enjoyed this excursion, and hopefully I can finish something new by Wednesday so you aren’t disappointed in me.


Buzzing suffuses the air,
Cicadas calling out for their lovers-
The people’s lives buried
In bright, electric lights,
lights which never flicker, never change,
Drawing us away from the burning sky,
From the purple evening,
And into worlds of monochrome fields
And artificial music

The Sun sets, flames snuffed again
By the cycle of ancient Time.
Squirrels curl up to dream,
Cats stalk with luminous eyes,
The world changes,
Flips to reveal new wonders,
natural life, organic rhythms.
All ignored by the machine life.
Lamps which devour the Night,
Songs which never quiet or change,
We never stop, never slow,
Always riding the currents of information,
Trapped in the eddies we ourselves created,
Blind to the melody around us.

I walk alone in a crowd,
Of cellphones and iPads,
Wondering if Mother and child,
Will ever be reconciled.


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