Lost Moments

Wow, I totally forgot to throw a vote at the end of the last poem. Sorry about that. We’ll do this one. Also, I will be going back to a “on Wednesday” schedule with maybe a few other days thrown in if I feel inspired. I also believe I will have something new and never before seen on the 6th, if I can finish it in time for posting.

Lost Moments

Do you ever have those moments?
The moments with pregnant silences,
Just bursting with something about to be born?
You could be sitting across from a stranger
Admiring their hair or their book,
And you feel the conversation
Growing inside your throat.
You’ll talk about shared interests,
About the weather or politics.
You’ll build a rapport,
A friendship,
Maybe even a relationship.

All it will take is one word,
Just an opening of the gate
To let the moment growing inside
Become real.
But it’s too big,
It gets stuck inside you.
You push and push
But to no avail.
The moment dies,

Do I have those moments?

Of course not.
Don’t be silly.
Just listen to everyone around me,
Listen to all their voices.
There isn’t a silence to be had,
Certainly not one that could hold
Such loneliness.

New Vote: “Mourning” or “Sunset”

Lost Moments

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