This is a really old poem, probably the oldest one I’ll post. It was back in early High School.


When I first left to play
The world was bright,
Light danced and laughter rang out.
How could an innocent realize,
The cruelty of others?
Their joy at inflicting pain?

It started with a realization.
I was different, I was unique,
I enjoyed learning and words,
Books and difficult questions.
I still loved what others out grew.
An innocent soul,
Who hadn’t experienced the pain of torment.

They jabbed and prodded
Their words sharper than knives.
Tearing at me, at my very core
How is someone, who hates to cause pain
Supposed to defend themselves?
I grew calloused,
Spinning a cocoon to defend me.
The thick strands protected me,
But they crippled me as well.
For though their words could no longer harm me;
I could no longer see the light,
Or spread my majesty for all to see.

I spent years like that,
Locked away from the world.
I could only see darkness and anger
For I had blocked away light and love.
I strengthened my bonds,
not allowing sharp stabs or gentle hands
to enter my sanctum.

I came to realize,
I was only hurting myself
And causing the pain I despised.
I tore at my cocoon,
But the thick fibrous strands held.
I was trapped.
My sanctuary was now my prison.

Recently I felt pain and despair.
I ripped at the walls,
But never seemed to make any progress.
They held against my clawing hands,
As they had held back the pain.
But those of good-heart were helping,
Cutting away at the outside.

I now hope that I see the light,
I believe I am emerging.
Will I be a glorious creature,
full of light, laughter, and glee?
Or has my time in darkness twisted me,
led me to doubt and betray?
I can not know,
But I don’t care;
For I feel free to soar,
To find what I have always searched for.

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