Tower of Babel

Had a bit of a scary moment there for a minute, internet wouldn’t let me load Facebook or WordPress. Luckily my Dad reset everything and I’m back up in time to post. Since I cheated past disaster once, let’s jump feet first into the flames. Tower of Babel is a poem about a story in the Bible, I suspect people may not like my opinion I expressed. Plus side, controversy may bring people in to read more poems. After all, we’re down to the last eight days of April, perfect time to trick people into thinking I’ll always update daily like this.

Tower of Babel

Babylon, The Tower of Babel,
The source of mankind’s woe.
Here we sought unity,
Here we built a monument
Which would gather the tribes of men,
One nation, one people.

Was this sin?
To desire the unity of our race?
To build a center for our world?

God saw our creation,
He destroyed it,
Broke our tongues,
And scattered us
Like leaves before a storm.

Now we are many nations,
Innumerable people,
Warring over our differences,
Different tongues, different skins,
Different lands, different ways.
Is this truly God’s will,
That we be scattered, weak,
Fighting amongst ourselves?

And if, by some miraculous change,
We were to find peace,
To again build towards unity,
Would God,
with infinite kindness and love,
strike us down once more?

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Tower of Babel

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