End of Summer

I wrote this one year, appropriately enough, at the end of summer and the start of the school year, and while writing it I realized that I truly welcomed the coming of Fall and the chance to go back to college over the blurry sameness of summer days.

End of Summer

I watched the squirrel,
Bounding across my yard
With twitching tail and nervous eyes,
And realized that he knows.
He is already searching
For a bounty yet to come,
Already planning for the end
Of these blurry summer days.

I look at the people
Walking down the street,
Laughing and sweating.
They also know.
Though they don’t want to
Their eyes search the skies
And their skin measures the air.
A new time is coming.

It will be an end to
The indistinguishable, the timeless.
This sea of emerald green
Will bloom into brilliant colors:
Gold, Violet, Scarlet, Amber, and Brown.

No more suffocating, smelting heat.
Instead we shall have
Gentle warmth and tickling chills,
Still foggy mornings and
Magnificent stormy nights.

The droning, white noise insects
Will sleep and fall silent.
Leaving the mischievous wind
To speak with rustled leaves
And whistle amongst the trees.

The summer days are ending,
These blurry edged days
Which ran together like hot wax.
The days of Autumn are coming,
Arising like a statue from the crucible,
Sharp edged, dynamic, and beautiful.

And though some resist it,
Try to keep the flame of Summer bright.
This squirrel and I welcome
The season of change and plenty.
Plenty of Food, Plenty of Work
And wait with bated breath
For these teenage days
To blossom into brilliance.

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End of Summer

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