Three Erasure poems

No vote, so I’ll pick these. For those who are not aware an erasure is a poem that is written using only the lines and words from another text. I’ll admit, these aren’t “true” erasures as I have rearranged the separate phrases instead of simply grabbing the lines in the order they appear in the original. I’m not that good. I’ll try and list the source material for these three as well, but I don’t know if I remember them as it was a quick prompt from a professor.

Black Dreams

Specter’s hands upon my eyes,
Darkness, rust-red, sat heavily,
A sheet over the earth.
Dreams come to haunt me
to trick me.
Rocks submerged into the Lake,
The roar of the woods.
We are survivors, picking amongst flotsam


Original text from Marilynne Robinsion’s Housekeeping


Earth bears none frailer than mankind
Young blades stained with tears
Before a grey-eyed goddess.
Listen child, take flight
Hateful ruffians, knowing no reason
Broken spears
No quittance, no way out
The quiet queen forever sad.

Original Text from a Greek play, I think “Antigone”


Ruins Devoured,
River of Light, climbing.
West, a Hunter,
suckled by the Wolf,
Moving, not yet subdued.
Flowery Ancestors, Vigorous Savages,
Cultivated Merchants, Dusty Scholars
Legends killed, conquered,
They feed the fire.
A Wildness no civilization can endure,
I cultivate.

I have no idea what the original text was from

Vote: “End of Summer” or “Sunset”

Three Erasure poems

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