Scarlet Garden

No long intro, just poetry

Scarlet Garden

A tiny glowing seed
Blooms into a scarlet flower.
It sits upon the floor,
Glowing with life

The crimson bloom grows
Drawing life from the pale wood.
It is engorged with young
Quickly spreading
to feed its insatiable hunger

A light breeze runs through
Scattering the seeds from the flower’s womb
Spreading them across the darkening bed

Another bloom, golden and pure,
Latches upon the wall
Seeking nourishment away from its kin

It spreads like creeper vines,
Reaching higher and higher,
Out racing its brethren
And hanging brilliant streams
through the air.

A brilliant garden has spread before me,
Where a pale and lifeless room once stood.
Deep crimson petals and golden vines,
Dancing and glowing in their new home.

I leave them to die,
Flickering away as their hunger
Ever-growing, is left unfed
And the ashes are scattered by the winds.

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Scarlet Garden

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