Since no one voted and I don’t want to have two short pieces in a row let us go with “Half”. I think I wrote this one for a school prompt, but there may have been a specific topic.


I want to be me.
I want to reach out,
      out of this darkness.
I want these hands,
      Nerveless chunks of flesh,
        To grasp my other self.
I want these chains,
      These endless iron bonds
        Which drag me down into
          Black mud,
I want to be myself,
      Complete and unafraid.
I want to speak,
      Not be silent.
I want to love,
      Not be alone.
I want to stop
      Being ashamed.
I want to be one,
      The one Zeus split apart 
I want her breath,
      Her heart in tandem with mine.
I want my muse, my warrior,
      Athena, wise and glorious.
I want to find her,
      The one I cannot hide from
        Who will accept me,
          Who will force me 
           from my hermit’s cave.
I want to burn,
      Incandescent, electric flames
        That drive out these shadows
I want life joyous, untamed,
      Freed from the shackles
         Of desire and loneliness.
I want wonder,
      Sweeping across these barren plains 
        A storm of diamond dust 
          Ablaze in a resurrected sun.

This vote shall be:  “How to Drink Evening Coffee” or a group of 3 Erasure poems, which are too short to be posted singularly.


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