From Dust

Wow, it feels like this has been much longer than eight days, I have new respect for people who actually produce new content everyday instead of just posting old stuff like I’ve been doing. This piece is short but punchy, can’t remember exactly what inspired me for this one.

From Dust

A girl dances in the broken street, alone amongst shattered monuments of glory. She is clothed only in the dust that trails behind her. The gray dust of forgotten people. The bone dust of her ancestors. It clings to her, chases after bare feet that swing through the silent air, caresses thin arms that reach out to encircle the world. She sings in between skeletons of brick and steel, sentinels that stood watch over lives ended long ago. Songs without words, melodies simple and timeless, given life by her breath. She celebrates a world only she can see. She cares not for the scars covering her legs, or the burnt-out pupils of her darkened eyes, she has the wind whistling beside her and the heat of the Sun sinking into her bones. Amidst the ruins of our world she dances, a single Lily spared from the voracious flames.

New vote: “Mourning” or “Half”

From Dust

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