Heart of Winter

Keeps on going on

Heart of Winter

She glides across the landscape,
Surveying her kingdom.
Skin, pale-blue of ice,
her robes, such pure white
the freshly fallen snow
blushes with shame.

Her fingers weave intricate, silver webs
From the shadows of fallen leaves
To the banks of the pond
And beyond to the deep waters.
Delicate pathways upon which
Her handmaidens prepare her way.

O Mab, Queen of Winter
Whose herald is the icy wind
Which cuts us to the bone.
You seal the world in ice,
And draw close the veil of night.
So beautiful, yet so cold,
Why do you scourge us so?

She remains silent,
Her authority unquestioned.
As she circles our house
A secret smile, A glint of warmth
In dark, ancient eyes
as we gather together
around the hearth fire
with acts of goodwill
and tales of kindness and hope

So… this is me suffering from a week of being overworked, I meant for this next poem to be posted today, but I miss counted what day of the week it was so it shall now be tomorrow.

Tomorrows poem will be “April 5th” which was written a year ago.

Heart of Winter

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