Ars Poetica

Here at last! I’ve been itching for this poetry run. For those of you confused, I posted last week about my plan to celebrate National Poetry Month by posting a poem a day for the entire month. This plan may be slightly complicated by my getting and settling into a new job while working my old job (two weeks only) but I plan to power through.

I won’t offer explanations of all my poems, but this one was important to talk about. For people who don’t know an Ars Poetica is a fancy Latin way of saying “Poem about Poetry”, somewhat artistic statement and somewhat reflection. I wrote this a few years ago and felt it would be a great way to start. One thing I thought particularly nice about this poem was the ellipses, one at the “Beginning” and one at the “End”. I did this because when I thought about what poetry means I realized that I could only capture a single part of an endless work. It doesn’t really begin and it doesn’t really end, it just flows by and you get to see this single section. Enjoy.

Ars Poetica
… The World’s pulse
Beating in time
With our song,
Lyrics broken and beautiful

A howl into the void,
A whisper in my love’s ear
A confession upon your shoulder
A challenge to the broken world

Strip away your defenses and correctness
And dive naked into the boiling
Sea, scour the deep places
Of eternal cold and night.

Drag yourself onto a beach of bones,
under a river of stars,
steal their names and wear them
like a necklace of purple pearls,
give them to a newborn babe
while he is teething.

Climb atop the shoulders of giants
And stare into blank eyes,
Eyes which can’t see you,
And count the passing dust.

Dance with the spirits of the Earth,
Weep alongside ancient gods
And laugh amongst the demons

Speak a word to silence the crowd,
Speak again to draw out
The wailing and keening mass,
Speak thrice to glide
Into the place beyond grief.

Attach angel’s wings to a fly
And watch it sing,
Unearth shards of evil
Rooted deep in clay bones
And study their flinty edges,
Illuminate the gray lands we see
And wonder at their multi-hued mysteries

Let go and…

For tomorrow, let’s put it to a vote of what you would like to read.

Either “Far Afield” or “Spring of the Faerie”

Ars Poetica

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