Hecate’s Tear Pt 4

Here we go Final part for now. This is also a part where I feel I highlight my problem with the screenwriting style. I end up waxing a little poetic, describing things too much. A screenwriter needs to leave so much to the actors and  director. I can’t do it, while I like knowing I could leave things out when I want to plant clues or hints or avoid telling things (like with the thing on Arachne’s back from pt 1) I’m not acting as a screenwriter. I’m a parse stylist first I guess. Anyways, here is the conclusion and I also have an announcement at the end of the page.


Arachne leans against the door for a beat, then she turns towards the chapel.

It is a smaller place than the banquet hall, a sacred space that only the Royal Draganov family are allowed to enter. Every surface is made of marble that is a sterilized white.
There are no chairs, no decorations, nothing except a walkway leading to the altar. Light comes from glowing crystals in the ceiling.

The altar is a block of white marble that seems fused with the floor, growing straight from the floor. On top of the altar is a scale made of gold with a large tome, closed, in front of it.

Behind the altar is a massive statue of Krethios, filling up the end of the room. It is of a male figure seated upon a throne, his sword buried point down into the floor before him. Everything is made of the same white marble, but the figure is also dressed in elaborate golden armor complete with a full spartan helmet, no plume.

The eyes are shining rubies which flicker like flame, like they are alive.

Arachne approaches the altar, stopping before it. She is a lone black speck amongst the pure white and gold, standing before the flaming eyes of the God of Justice and Judgement.



She quivers, unable to step forward, transfixed by the gaze of the statue.

She takes half a step backwards.

(faint echo)
Get her out of here. Run.

(faint echo)

Arachne clenches her fist, and steps forward.


Slowly she begins searching the altar, lightly running her fingers across the edges and down the sides, feeling for grooves or hidden switches. No luck.

She then carefully opens the tome. It is full of religious writings, bunched together like a swarm of ants upon the pages. Flipping through it quickly but gently reveals no clues.

Sighing she reaches into one of her pockets and pulls out a small vial of silver dust. She pours a small amount into the palm of her hand.

Fifty gold an ounce,

She blows the dust across the altar. As it covers everything the dust migrates and moves, attracted to any residual lines of magic. Soon the seals and runes glow across the surface, some bright and new, others frayed and faded.

but worth it.

She caps the vial and places it back in her pocket. Her palm is also glowing, and she tries to wipe it off unsuccessfully.

Arachne studies the runes as they slowly fade, mouthing the words and tracing the lines. She grimaces.

Arachne stands and places both of her hands on the scales, one in each pan, keeping them balanced, and takes a deep breath.

We stand vigilant, lest shadows mask justice.

The statue’s eyes flash, and it pulls the sword from the floor. It moves slowly, GRINDING into position and holding the stone blade horizontal above the doorway revealed behind it.

Arachne waits, unmoving, barely breathing, as the statue moves. Then drops her hands, grateful that it worked and the altar’s magic had not retaliated against her.

She enters the door, pulls out a small vial which glows with a warm amber light, and walks down a staircase leading deep underground.


Darkness pushes in on all sides as Arachne makes her way down the stairs. The walls are covered in an ancient rune script, strange letters carved into the polished black stone. She pays no attention to them.

After descending Arachne comes out into a small chamber, set into the wall is a large, iron door. In the center of the door is a raised metal wheel, with dull metal rods radiating from the it into the stone surrounding the door. In the middle of the wheel is a large eye, the pupil is the keyhole. At eye-level a single line of runes is carved.

Arachne sets her glowing vial on the floor near the door and pulls out her silver dust again. Blowing a handful at the door reveals no magic to be tampered with.

Next she pulls out a pair of lockpicks from a small pocket near her left wrist.

Kneeling she inserts the long, straight pick into the hole, gently twisting it so that it rests on the bottom. Slowly, she inserts the second pick gently working it from side to side-


-and back and forth-


-and finally twisting it sharply to the side.


The metal rods grind out of the stone, silent until they hit home with a muted THUMP.

Arachne removes the picks gently, making sure they don’t snag on anything within, then looks at them tenderly.

Thanks again you two.

Then places them back in their pocket.

Arachne grabs the wheel and twists it, grunting quietly with the effort. Then strains to pull the dense door from its resting place.

After the door is cracked open enough for her to slip through she stops, wipes the sweat from her eyes, and slides into the vault room.


The entirety of this giant, domed room is also polished black stone, but there are no markings anywhere in sight, just smooth surfaces.

In the center of the room, illuminated by a magic spotlight high above it, sits a pedestal of black stone. The pedestal looks as though it grew, twisting and spinning, straight
from the floor. At the top, the pedestal splits ending in six sharp points, like the tips of ebony talons.

Resting amongst the talons of stone is a pendant on a copper chain. The body of the pendant is a polished, multi-hued stone. Blue as the ocean flowing into sea of grass green
dawning into the soft pink of early morning fogs and setting with the violets of a summer night ending with the scarlet blush of lovers. It is held by three of the claws, gripping it tightly into the shadow of stone.

Arachne, staring with naked hunger at the stone, moves towards the light, throwing aside caution and reason in the heat of need.

She stops before she enters the light, trembling slightly, then takes a small step backwards. She forces herself to calm down, taking a deep breath of the musty vault air.

She makes a circuit of the room, examining the floors, walls, and pedestal from a distance. She pulls out her vial of silver dust, it’s nearly empty. She looks to the pendant and it’s flowing colors, then replaces the vial.

Finally, she makes her way towards the pedestal, forcing herself to move cautiously and not simply snatch it from its resting place.

Standing before the pedestal she traces the outside of the pendant with her finger, the colors collecting around and following the digit. Gently, she threads her fingers through the chain and lifts it free. The pendant resists slightly, then pops free to swing before her eyes.

I’m coming, brother. I promise.

Quickly Arachne places the pendant in a pocket at her side, and turns to leave. She’s walking quickly towards the door when she runs into a barrier, exactly where the pool of light ends on the floor.


Desperately she feels the air in front of her. It’s solid, allowing no passage.

No. No. No. No.

She pounds on the wall of light.


She punches the wall, full force.

Behind her, we see the something forming from the shadow of the pedestal. A vaguely human-like dark cloud rises, and steps forward arm outstretched.



Episode 2


Arachne stands in a vault of polished black stone, a magic spotlight creating a circle of light. She is at the edge of the light, trapped within by an invisible force.


She punches the wall, full force.

Behind her, we see the something forming from the shadow of the pedestal. A vaguely human-like dark cloud rises, and steps forward arm outstretched.

Arachne spins, flicking a knife from her right wrist into her hand and slashing in the direction of the cloud. Nothing but an empty room.


Arachne looks at her right hand, the knife is gone.

Well well. You are quite fast.

Arachne turns. Leaning against a far edge of the wall is ALDRIC, dressed in black, sharply cut clothes, a vest-like tunic and dark pants with high boots. A mocking smirk lurks on his lips as he tosses Arachne’s knife in the air with his right hand.

Arachne quickly draws a second blade from her left hand sheath and throws it at Aldric. Right before it connects there is a blur. Aldric is now tossing the second blade in his left hand.

Any chance you could lend me a third? I could practice my juggling.

Arachne doesn’t respond, instead her eyes dart around, hoping to spot an escape route. There isn’t one.

Ah well, no matter.

He slides the blades into his vest.

Now then, what brings someone like you down here?

Same as you, the desire to be trapped in a cage waiting for the Royal Guard.


You think I am trapped by this circle?

Aldric steps backwards, out of the circle.

Do not be absurd.

Arachne rushes forward, but slams into the invisible wall again.

Arachne takes a breath, regaining her composure.

What do you want?

Many things, but I will first settle for answers.

And if I don’t give any?

Aldric smiles and shrugs.

Then you can rot down here. Or get captured. I honestly do not care which.

So, I answer your questions and you’ll help me escape. Then what?
The gods will lift me to their realm as an honored guest?

Aldric chuckles darkly.

That I doubt, but I might be able
to help you get what you are after.

Who says I don’t already have it?

I do. The name may have changed
over the years, but the promise has not.

I don’t know what you’re talkin about.

Do not lie to me child. I do not enjoy wasting my time. The stone’s
promise, the skills and the knowledge of a legendary thief.

If I had intentions on such a thing, why would I trust you?

Do you have a choice?

He gestures grandly to the walls around them.

This is not the place I would choose to be my grave. So much
darkness and dreary stone.

He stares into the distance, seeing something else

So much regret.

He turns back to Arachne, his smirk firmly back in place.

Besides, I do not want it.

Then why are you here, in this vault?

I am here for something else. A personal matter. What is it you
want with the stone? A kingdom’s worth of riches? Your name across
the lands? Power?

If I was-

Aldric cuts her off with an angry gesture, pointing to the pedestal.

Enough circles. I know you hold it. I know you will not wear it until
you are no longer in danger. Tell me your intentions, or suffer.

Arachne stiffens, then slowly draws her final blade, slightly longer than her other daggers, from the sheath on her back, and holds it lengthwise against her forearm, legs braced.

Try it.

Wisps of dark smoke curl from the edges Aldric.

You have no idea who you are challenging. I am Aldric of Leros.
Immortal Theif, Bane of the Steel Law. I have stolen the light from
the stars and Thunder from Lightning.

His face twists into a crazed snarl.

And you think to defy me. I could crush you, grind you into a
darkness so deep that you shall weep for release.

Try it.

With a roar Aldric lunges forward, a trail of inky smoke in his wake, his face twisted in rage and madness.

Arachne stands her ground, her eyes hard and determined, blade at the ready.

Aldric closes on her.

Flashback: HELIA stands, arms outstretched, on a hazy white background. Long white hair streams past her shoulders and down her back. She has the same determined look in her eyes as Arachne does in the present day.

Present: Aldric comes to a sudden stop in front of Arachne, the smoke that had been following him blowing past. He’s holding her arm, preventing her blade from moving the last
inch into his flesh. The shadows from her and the pedestal are twisted, pointed at Aldric like knives.

( soft as a breathe)

Arachne stops straining against his grip on her.

What did you say?

Aldric pushes her back a few steps, and turns towards the wall of light. The shadows glide back into their normal positions.

I was simply stating my appreciation.

He parts the wall like a curtain and gestures through, but he does not look at Arachne.

I am surprised that you passed that little test, pleasantly surprised
of course, it would not do to travel with someone who has no resolve.

Arachne stands where she is, still on guard.

What makes you think I have any
intention of allowing that?

Aldric laughs lightly, and turns to look at her, his impish smile firmly back in place.

You are not going to leave the
pendant here, are you?


And I am required to go wherever the pendant goes.

What do you mean?

Aldric snaps his fingers. A shadowy chain materializes connecting Aldric to the pendant in Arachne’s pocket. She drops her blade and grabs at the chain. Her hands pass though it.

What in the Blind God’s name is this?

You must have wondered, how does it
work? How does the pendant give you the abilities it promises?

Aldric grabs the chain and rattles it.

It does not. It is intended for only one purpose. My imprisonment.
If you truly seek to gain the skills you want it must be done the
hard way. I will teach you.

And why would you do that? So you can escape?

Perhaps, but does it matter? You need me to accomplish whatever your
goals are. That is why you came here. Your choice now is simple.

Aldric again gestures through the parted wall of light, into the darkness of the vault beyond.

Give up or move forward.

Arachne stares at Aldric, the gears turning. Finally she reaches down, picks up her blade and sheaths it. Then she walks through the parted wall.

For now, let’s just get out of this place.

Of course.

He follows, letting the curtained wall fall behind him.

And Scene. Hopefully everyone has enjoyed this work. This is everything currently written in this form, and I think if I continue this adventure I will change it to a novel instead. I’m also willing to answer questions because that will be a long time from now. Now then, I’ve teased and hinted that I’ve got special plans for April.

As some might be aware April is National Poetry Month. I took inventory of the poems I’ve written both for personal reasons and classes and saw that I have enough to do a poem a day for the entire month, which I think will be a fairly cool little event. Now, none of this is currently planned to be new content, but if it is I will let you know and post it as quickly as possible. I’ve also decided that since order rarely matters much and I like the idea of community building and getting comments at the end of every poem I will post the titles of two new poems and take votes on which one people would prefer to see next.

There will be no voting this time though, I know exactly which poem I will kick things off with, see people in seven days.

Hecate’s Tear Pt 4

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