Mission Statement

Hey there, thanks for stopping by. My name is Chris McDaniel and this is my second attempt at a blog. I believe that the first post of a blog should talk about what it is and what the author is trying to accomplish. So, here’s my confession: This blog is arising out of an intense sense of apathy and frustration.

I’m a writer, I would like to one day be a professional writer, but a year after graduating college I have barely written anything. So this is my challenge to myself. I will post something here by every Wednesday as a way to force myself to write regularly. I’ll probably cheat a lot by posting old work instead of sitting down to write new stuff, but that will only last so long.

Hopefully I gain a following, maybe get ideas or challenges from people, but I am a pessimist at heart so I am not expecting much. Still, I will use this space to keep myself moving in a “sort of forward” direction.

By the way, I will go ahead and answer the first question I think people may have. I chose the name for this blog based off the title of a nonfiction work I did in college. I think it was a prompt on “traveling” that I made into a discussion of my feelings on reading and writing (I hadn’t gone out of state for years). It became a fairly personal piece to me. I may share it one day, but not until I am more comfortable with this whole experiment.

Thanks for listening to me ramble for a bit, and hopefully this turns into something I can be proud of creating.

Mission Statement

4 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. PrimeLoki says:

    You sound a little like me. It’s hard to keep motivated sometimes, but you just have to muscle through and keep going. I look forward to seeing what you have to say in the future.


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